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Emmanuel Adebayor Wife: Who Is Charity? Daughter Kendra And Net Worth Before Retirement

Emmanuel Adebayor’s wife, Charity, has been a constant source of support and love throughout his football career.

Emmanuel Adebayor is a retired Togolese professional footballer who had a successful career playing for some of the biggest football clubs in Europe, including Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Manchester City. 

Over the years, he has amassed a considerable net worth and has been in the news for his personal life.

His retirement from football may mark the end of a successful career, but his wealth and business ventures ensure that his legacy will continue for many years.

This article will explore key details about Emmanuel Adebayor’s wife, Charity, his daughter Kendra, and his net worth before retirement.

Emmanuel Adebayor Wife: Who Is Charity?

Emmanuel Adebayor has been married to his wife, Charity Adebayor, for a few years. 

Charity is a businesswoman who prefers to keep a low profile. Not much is known about her background, but she has been a source of support for Adebayor throughout his football career. In 2015, there were rumors that the couple was having problems in their marriage.

Still, they were debunked when Emmanuel Adebayor shared a heartfelt message on social media, expressing his love for his wife and his gratitude for her support. His wife, Charity, has supported him, and his daughter Kendra has been a constant source of joy and inspiration. 

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Charity and Adebayor have been together for several years and have had an on-and-off relationship. However, in recent years, the couple seems to have rekindled their love and are now happily married.

Meet Emmanuel Adebayor Daughter Kendra 

Emmanuel Adebayor is a proud Father of a daughter, Kendra Adebayor. 

Kendra was born in 2010 to Adebayor’s former girlfriend, and the footballer has been actively involved in her life. 

Adebayor used social media to share pictures of his adorable princess as a kind but simple way to commemorate her. (Source: gh.opera.news)

Her birth caused controversy as Adebayor was playing for Manchester City at the time, and he was accused of fathering a child with a woman other than his girlfriend. In 2019, Adebayor shared a heartwarming photo of himself and his daughter, with a caption expressing his love for her and his commitment to being a responsible Father. 

Kendra has been a source of joy and inspiration for Adebayor, who often shares photos and videos of spending time together on social media.

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Kendra is now a young girl growing up with the love and support of her Father and stepmother, Charity.

Emmanuel Adebayor Net Worth Before Retirement 

Emmanuel Adebayor’s net worth is estimated at around $45 million, making him one of the wealthiest African footballers ever. 

Emmanuel Adebayor, the former Togolese professional football player, has announced his retirement from football at the age of 39. (Source: Twitter)

Despite his retirement, his net worth is expected to grow, as he has several business ventures and investments. During his career, he played for several top clubs, including Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Manchester City, earning millions in salary and endorsement deals.

In 2009, he signed a $25 million deal with Manchester City, which made him one of the highest-paid players in the world at the time. 

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Adebayor also has several properties, including a mansion in Togo and a luxurious apartment in Accra, Ghana. In March 2023, Emmanuel Adebayor announced his retirement from professional football, ending a career of over two decades. 


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