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Who Is Eric Mays Brother Malcolm Michael: Family & Siblings detail

After the recent death news of the politician Eric Mays emerged, many started getting curious about the family he left behind and also wondering whether he had a brother. So, let’s find out. 

Hailing from Michigan, Eric Mays is recognized as a successful American politician.

He also served as a member of the Flint City Council, representing northwest Flint as the councilor from the city’s First Ward.

Moreover, his highly controversial reputation stemmed from incidents leading to his suspension and escort from city council meetings.

Following this, scandals and controversies led to Eric’s arrest multiple times, reflecting negatively on his personality traits.

But, at the age of 65, Eric Mays tragically died and was found dead at his Flint home on February 24, 2024, which shocked many of his followers.

Meanwhile, the death of Eric Mays has made many people curious about his personal life and his family, including his brother.

Who Is The Brother Of Eric Mays? Details On His Family

Eric was very private and did not like sharing details about his family on his social media platforms.

Shortly after the death news of Eric Mays, the number of people searching for his brother and parents’ details is increasing rapidly.

Well, to this date, no information on his parents has been disclosed, but he indeed came from a middle-class Christian background.

Moreover, Eric has a brother named Malcolm Michael Mays, who lives in Michigan.

Born and raised in the United States, Michael’s upbringing provides a backdrop for his creative endeavors.

According to Michael’s Facebook page, he works as a barber. Some of his fantastic haircut posts and videos have attracted the masses on his Facebook page.

Eric Mays on his role of a councilman.
Eric Mays’ net worth estimates at around $100 Million. (Source: Facebook)

Apart from this, there is not much information about his brother, Michael Malcolm, probably due to privacy concerns.

Moreover, Eric Mays has not publicly talked much about his brother, parents, and family.

Hence, like his brother Eric Mays, Michael seems to keep information far from the spotlight.

But after Eric passed away, many people are searching for his brother, hoping he knows more information regarding his death.

Nevertheless, it has become difficult to contact him, so the searches are on the way.  

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Sneak Peek Into The Early Life & Career Journey Of Eric Mays 

Talking about his career journey, Eric Mays reportedly began his career as an auto worker after graduating from the University of Southern California.

Later, in 2013, he started actively engaging in politics, staying there for over a decade and securing a position on the City Council.

He won with a narrow margin of eight votes, competing against candidate Anita Brown.

In 2015, Eric Mays competed for mayor against Dayne Walling, Karen Weaver, and Councilman Wantwaz Davis.

Eric arrested in 2016 for an accidental causing death of an individual.
His career as a Flint City Councilman has made him a leader and successful figure. (Source: Facebook)

He also held notable roles, serving as a vice president of the city council members and chair of the financial committee.

However, he lost these positions and placements due to a controversial incident.

Following this, he sparked controversy by making a Nazi salute and comparing a council member to Adolf Hitler.

Since then, authorities have arrested Eric Mays multiple times due to numerous controversies and careless accidents.

Likewise, Eric regained his seat on the City Council in 2021. However, a month later, the council ousted him from the position of council president.

Mays continued to dispute with fellow council members and Mayor Sheldon Neeley. Lately, he was facing a court trial to defend his innocence.

But unfortunately, Eric Mays died on 24 February 2024 after serving for 10 years in the Flint City Council.

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