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Eric Mays Obituary, Death: Politician Dies At Age 65

With the death news of Eric Mays reaching a broad audience, people globally are left deeply saddened and have started searching for his obituary to pour their heartwarming comments onto it. 

Eric Mays was a prominent American personality known for his work in the Political landscape.

He was an accomplished politician who served as a member of the Flint City Council from 2013 until his death.

With his work, Eric helped represent northwest Flint as the city’s First Ward councilor.

Throughout his career as a council member, Eric got involved in various controversies and suspension, which earned him nationwide recognition.

Additionally, in 2016, he also faced an arrest for 30 days after crashing his car in 2013.

However, his controversial career and life came to an unfortunate end with his death on February 24, 2024.

As the news of his death reached a broad audience, many people came to fill the obituary of Eric Mays with his contributions and memories.

Eric Mays Obituary, Death: Politician Dies At Age 65

Despite his untimely demise, the works and memories of Eric Mays will continue to live on, inspiring generations to come.

The obituary shows that Eric Mays showcases his unwavering dedication and contribution to the people of his city.

His death has left his family and close ones with an unfillable void and deep sadness.

Eric Mays captured during a council hearing.
Eric Mays died at the age of 65 at his Flint home. (Source: M Live)

Following the news of his death, many fellow politicians came in for support, describing his loss as tremendous to the community.

The U.S. Rep Dan Kildee also shared his sadness and tribute through a Facebook post stating Eric as a college friend.

Meanwhile, the city plans to lower the flag at Flint City Hall in his honor.

Moreover, many community members have outspoken him as a great leader who always fought for the betterment of his people and no one else.

Throughout his career, he constantly clashed with fellow leaders and council members for the betterment of the city.

One of his major contributions during the Flint water crisis will continue to live on among the people as a testament to his dedication and work.

Eric captured in prison dress.
Eric spent a few days of his life in prison. (Source: M Live)

Little is known about his life, but according to some sources, Eric was survived by his wife and children.

Similarly, all the council members and city people have come to mourn his untimely demise.

Everyone has described Eric as a man of honor who died at the early age of 65.

Despite his untimely demise, those who loved him have collected the memories of Eric Mays in his obituary.

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Eric’s Cause Of Death: What Took The Life Of The Politician?

The renowned city leader, Eric Mays, passed away on February 24, 2024, at his Flint home.

According to some reports, Eric’s family found him dead inside the Flint home on Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, the cause of death of Eric Mays was natural, as sources say that he had a certain illness.

Eric Mays captured in black coat.
Eric Mays died due to an undisclosed illness. (Source: M Live)

However, the details about his illness remain undisclosed, and much speculation has arisen among social media users.

As a result, various discussions on social sites like Twitter and Reddit have started making headlines.

Although people’s interest and curiosity, it is necessary to understand the depth of the situation and hold on for a moment.

Additionally, we request everyone to support his family in this devastating situation instead of focusing on his death cause.

As the family of Eric mourns his death, we must respect their privacy preference in every aspect.

Nevertheless, without official confirmation, it is better not to speculate and await further news.

Until then, we should monitor online sources and media outlets if any information arises.

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