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Eric Zemmour Accident: Car Collision Arrest Charges And Custody

Eric Zemmour’s son, Hugo, has been arrested for causing a serious accident while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Eric Zemmour’s son’s car accident has brought to light the issue of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

The incident caused significant injuries to innocent people, and it could have been avoided if Eric Zemmour’s son had made the right choices. The case is a stark reminder that even the children of famous personalities are not immune to the consequences of their actions.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense that carries severe penalties. It not only endangers the life of the driver but also puts the lives of others at risk. The case of Eric Zemmour’s son is a cautionary tale that we should all learn from.

Eric Zemmour Accident: What Did His Son Do?

Eric Zemmour’s son, Hugo, caused a serious accident in Paris on Saturday while under alcohol. 

The tweet is reporting that the son of Eric Zemmour has been arrested and placed in police custody after allegedly causing a serious accident while intoxicated in Paris. (Source: Twitter)

He was driving a black city car and mounted the sidewalk, hitting a dislocated scooter and street furniture, seriously injuring two people. 

The Paris prosecutor’s office has classified the injuries caused by the accident as involuntary, resulting in a complete inability to work for more than three months. This was made worse by the fact that the driver had consumed alcohol and had failed to fulfill his duty of care or safety obligations.

He will be presented to an examining magistrate on Monday morning to be indicted. 

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The accident has caused significant damage, leaving the scars visible on the street, and Hugo Zemmour will be held responsible for his actions.

Is Hugo Zemmour Arrested For The Car Collision?

Hugo Zemmour has been arrested and placed in Police custody on suspicion of causing a serious traffic accident while under the influence of alcohol. 

The tweet is reporting that Eric Zemmour’s son, Hugo, is being referred to an examining magistrate for indictment after a serious road accident. (Source: Twitter)

The accident occurred on Saturday morning in the sixth arrondissement of Paris when Hugo Zemmour’s car allegedly hit a scooter carrying two people. The investigation has revealed that he was driving at high speed and refused priority to the two-wheeler. 

One of the victims was seriously injured in both legs and taken to the Kremlin-BicĂȘtre University Hospital, while the other was taken to the Beaujon Hospital. 

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Hugo Zemmour’s actions have resulted in serious consequences, and he is being held accountable for his role in the collision.

Hugo Zemmour Charges And Custody

Hugo Zemmour was held in Police custody and is set to be referred for a judicial inquiry on Sunday evening. 

After the car collision, Hugo Zemmour was taken to the hospital for samples, which revealed a blood alcohol level of 1.6 grams per liter of blood – more than three times the legal limit. However, during his Police custody, he requested a counter-analysis of his blood. 

A counter-analysis is a second analysis of the same blood sample taken from a person to verify the results of the first analysis. It is a common practice in legal cases where the initial analysis results may have significant consequences for the accused. 

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In Hugo Zemmour’s case, he has requested a counter-analysis to challenge the initial results of his blood alcohol level. The results of the counter-analysis will likely be used as evidence in his case.


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