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Erin Andrews Stalking Videos And Marriott Peephole Lawsuit: Leaked Photo Scandal

Get insights on Erin Andrews stalking videos and the Marriott Peephole lawsuit. The TV personality shared a leaked photo scandal in an interview.

Erin Andrews is a well-known sports reporter and host who has worked for ESPN and Fox Sports. She is also a victim of a horrific invasion of privacy that has haunted her for more than a decade.

In 2008, a stalker named Michael David Barrett secretly recorded videos of her undressing in her hotel rooms in Nashville and Ohio and uploaded them to the internet.

The videos went viral and were viewed nearly 17 million times by January 2016.

Andrews sued the Nashville Marriott Hotel and Barrett for negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy, among other things, and sought $75 million in damages.

Erin Andrews Stalking Videos And Marriott Peephole Lawsuit: What Happened?

According to the lawsuit, Barrett called the Nashville Marriott hotel in 2008 and asked what room Andrews was staying in.

He was informed of the room number, enabling him to book the room next door. He then altered the peephole of Andrews’ door and used a cell phone camera to record her naked.

He did the same thing in another hotel in Ohio. He later tried to sell the videos online but failed. He was arrested in 2009 and pleaded guilty to interstate stalking. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Erin Andrews Stalking Videos
Respectful legal proceedings unfolded as the courtroom addressed sensitive evidence involving Erin Andrews, preserving the dignity of the trial. (Image Source: YouTube)

Andrews claimed that the hotel was negligent for giving out her room number and allowing Barrett to book the adjacent room without her consent.

She also claimed that she suffered severe emotional distress, anxiety, depression and humiliation as a result of the videos.

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She said that she felt violated, unsafe and paranoid, and that she had trouble trusting people and forming relationships.

She also said that she was constantly harassed by people who recognized her from the videos or made crude comments about them.

Erin Andrews Leaked Photo Scandal And Controversy

The trial began in February 2016 and lasted for two weeks. It drew a lot of media attention and public sympathy for Andrews.

The jury heard testimonies from Andrews, her father, her therapist, her colleagues, computer experts, hotel employees and Barrett himself.

They also watched some of the videos in court, which made Andrews cry and leave the room. The hotel argued that it was not liable for Barrett’s actions and that he was solely responsible for the crime.

It also argued that Andrews did not suffer any economic loss or career damage as a result of the videos and that she actually became more famous and successful after the incident.

Erin Andrews scandal
Erin Andrews bravely shares her testimony in the courtroom, confronting her stalker and standing resilient in the pursuit of justice. (Image Source: The New York Times)

The jury sided with Andrews and awarded her $55 million in damages, of which $28 million came from Barrett and $27 million from the hotel.

However, Andrews faced some backlash from people who accused her of being greedy, opportunistic or dishonest.

Some questioned whether she really suffered as much as she claimed or whether she exaggerated her symptoms for money.

Some also suggested that she was somehow complicit in the videos or that she enjoyed the attention they brought her.

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Andrews has maintained that she only wanted justice and accountability for what happened to her and that she wanted to raise awareness about the issue of stalking and online harassment.

She has also donated some of the money to charities that support victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.


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