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13 Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections

13 Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections!!!

Being social beings, we definitely know the importance of connecting to other people; we need to be reminded from time to time.

Let us take a look at Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections.

Establishing connections does not mean starting communication with anyone you see.

Establishing a genuine connection is an important aspect of human life. From personal to professional life, networking is a must.

Knowing or unknowingly, connections make things work.

Research says that forming healthy, genuine relationships can turn your career into a success.

Normally, people are either looking for opportunities or looking to solve their problems.

They are always looking for jobs, or people for jobs.

Establising Connections
Establishing Connections (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

If they are looking for people, you could be the right one.

All in all, the more people you know, the more valuable your network becomes.

If you are an uncommunicative person, it might be difficult and strange for you.

I am not asking you to break your boundaries and talk to everyone you see.

I am asking you to give yourself a chance, take small steps, one by one, and observe.

See if it makes your life any better. If it does, Kudos to you!

If it does not, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Quick Overview

13. Randomness is important
12. Decreased risk of Depression
11. Explore different aspects of life
10. Learn to Socialise
9. Stay Occupied
8. A friend in need is a friend indeed
7. Confidence Development
6. Healthy life
5. Impart Wisdom
4. Support System
3. Impact on mental health
2. Boosts Creativity
1. More Opportunities

How to establish genuine connections:

  • Know what type of people you want to connect with

Firstly, you should decide what type of people you want to be friends with.

Maybe you want to expand your professional reach, try becoming a part of seminars, meetings, and parties related to your job.

Similarly, if you want to improve your love life, work and put in the effort accordingly.

Obviously, you don’t want to be throwing pickup lines at a business meeting.

  • Be adventurous

Go to that hike. Join the music classes you always wanted.

Try building at least one friendship per week. Join a gym, stay active and energetic.

Talk to that co-worker of yours that always waves at you.

Set a date with your Tinder match. You know, just out there.

  • Speak your mind with ears open

No one can deny the fact that everyone needs a friend that they can rely on.

Be it to go to the prom or the washroom. Be it to giggle at lame jokes or cry to your sad stories. You need them.

But, make sure you are there for them when they need you.

  • Be friendly

Being friendly to everyone is not too much to ask for, but it’s not as easy.

Not everyone is like you, and you need to learn to accept whoever however they are.

Help older people cross streets, include the needy in your prayers at the church, pay for someone’s coffee once in a while.

Ultimately, what you give out to the world is what comes back, so be kind.

  • Don’t share too much.

Oversharing is not a good step when you are trying to make genuine connections.

Going to a stranger and explaining to him about your life? That is not it.

Establishing connections needs to be slow and steady.

Also, not all people are not good; keep that in mind.

  • Overcome your fear of rejection.

  • Lastly, Leave.

Also, you shouldn’t be scared to leave.

If you feel insecure or you just don’t click, then there is no point in trying to make it work.

What is meant for you will come to you, eventually.

13 Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections

Now that we have talked through about how to build sustainable and genuine connections, let’s figure out the reasons to establish genuine connections.

13) Randomness is important

Is this all to life?

We have all have had this thought at least once in our lifetime.

So, is that really it?

The 9-5 job, social media, constant stress, anxiety, and pressure.

Obviously, not.

When was the last time you randomly went on a hike, or meditated, or got on a bus?

Party (Source:pixabay.com)

We need randomness in life.

When our life is planned and scheduled, we feel frustrated and lethargic.

So, the next time a random plan comes up, do it.

Because I have heard the story of a guy on his deathbed regretting not taking enough risks in his life.

We don’t want to be him, do we?

12) Decreased risk of Depression

Research points out that loneliness increases the amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is known as the primary stress hormone.

Balancing the cortisol hormone is very important to have a sound lifestyle.

In 2019, the highest percentage of the age group with depression was 18-29.

We know how social media and technology have affected us. It is not a good influence.

A time when kids should be playing in the dirt, sweating, running, and exercising, they are playing video games inside their rooms.

Lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, and excessive screentime- all this together makes a child lethargic and non-social.

As a result, he has no friends. Ultimately, he gets into depression.

11) Explore different aspects of life

When you initiate a friendship at a gym, you become gym buddies.

You go to the gym together, work out together, and became available for each other at the time of need.

Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections Explore
Explore (Source:piqsels.com)

Similarly, let’s say you have someone in fashion, sports, cooking, education, etc.

Now, you will be able to explore all aspects of life without putting in much effort.

It feels like spending time and chilling, but you are actually learning and growing.

10) Learn to Socialise

In this era of technology and social media, we’ve forgotten to express ourselves.

We can type and use emojis, animation, and GIFs, but we have nothing to say when it comes to real-life conversation.

When we try establishing connections, we learn to become our raw and unedited selves.

At last, humans are social beings, after all.

9) Stay Occupied

Loneliness is never a problem when you have friends.

Having someone to just text and complain about your day makes a lot of difference.

Staying occupied with something meaningful enhances your life.

Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections Occupied
Occupied (Source:flicr.com)

Be it your job or sports or yoga, you will not have time for negative thoughts, and that is the point.

You always have someone to turn to, and that is just precious.

8) Friend in need is a friend indeed

No matter why you say friends are not so important in one’s life, it is not true.

You need shoulders to cry on and a helping hand when you are sick.

Not just that, good friends are there in every step of your life.

Cheering up when you’re down, sharing joy and sorrow and also, sharing life.

7) Confidence development

After quarantine, I felt uncomfortable around people for a time period, even though I prefer being outside more.

This was because I had not been around people for a year or so.

Similarly, if you feel uncomfortable around people, it is because you haven’t tried being comfortable.

Step by step you will too be able to establish connections.

Once you develop the confidence to put yourself out, you become a whole different person.

6) Healthy life

Establishing genuine connections takes you far away from anxiety and depression.

This alone makes you healthy.

You might also need to take an extra step to live healthily.

Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections Meditation
Meditation (Source:hippopx.com)

Yoga and Meditation help to keep unnecessary chaos out of your mind.

Yoga helps maintain a good and fit body and mind, whereas meditation helps you concentrate.

Along with connection to the outer world, you should connect with your inner self too.

5) Impart wisdom

Establishing genuine connections is not just for fun.

It has more value than that.

When you need to turn to someone for life advice, career advice, or personal advice, you will have someone who is smarter and more experienced than you are.

Automatically, when you take advice from someone wiser than you, the advice will make your life better and much more convenient.

Also, when you have someone, you can speak your mind without the fear of being judged.

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4) Support System

My support system is my family.

For you, it could be anyone.

It could be a guru, your pet, or your friends.

Social life is far better than lonely and isolated life.

This doesn’t mean your life needs to be full of people and chaos.

This simply means that you should have people who relish your presence in your life.

Be it your family or close circle, you need to establish a connection with them to become their support system.

When you become their support system, they automatically become yours.

3) Impact on mental health

Mental health includes one’s social, psychological, and emotional well-being.

In today’s life, we are not close to our parents.

This makes friends and partners the only option for social interaction.

And if you do not have friends, you do not have an outlet for anger, stress, or happiness.

This affects your mental health. You can also find additional info here.

2) Boosts creativity

When you are in a close circle with friends of different interests, you know more about their job, life, and lifestyle.

This is an add-on because even though you live different lives, you know what is happening.

Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections Creativity
Creativity (Source:maxpixel.net)

When your friend circle consists of people from various ethnicity, you learn their culture, values, art, and tradition.

Doing almost nothing, you learn so much.

Similarly, you know the struggles they go through problems, pros, and cons of their choice, and many more.

1) More Opportunities

There is absolutely no denying that more connections give you more opportunities.

It is not difficult to find anything you want when you have the right connections.

When you put yourself out there, you’re indicating that you are ready for new opportunities.

Reasons to Establish Genuine Connections Opportunity
Opportunity (Source:picpedia.com)

I have seen many people whining about not getting any opportunities to get forward in life.

Are you really not getting any opportunities? Or are you not putting yourself out for them to see?

Recommendations go a long way even in today’s run.

Lastly, make friends!

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