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How Is Eugenia Cooney Recovery Going? Healthy Diet Plans

Eugenia Cooney’s recent TikTok video sparks controversy regarding discarding her previous weight recovery path. Find out how Eugenia Cooney recovery is going on in this article.

Eugenia Cooney is a rather controversial American YouTuber and social media personality. She is mainly known for her emaciated appearance.

The eating disorder that she suffers from is presumed to be anorexia nervosa.

Eugenia has received praise and criticism for her eating disorder and social media presence.

Fans supporting her praise her for being open, whereas critics state that she promotes extreme weight loss.

Eugenia started her online career in 2011, having experienced bullying for her looks. Due to this, she had to switch schools many times.

She started her social media presence after having pursued modeling. With time, she has gained much traction and millions of followers on her social media pages.

People are wondering how Eugenia Cooney and her recovery is going on. They are eager to know what changes are taking place in her life.

How Is Eugenia Cooney Recovery Going?

Eugenia Cooney has been suffering from anorexia for over a decade now, and yet there is no sight of improvement.

Even the first video that gained Eugenia traction was an outfit try-on video. In the video, Eugenia looked pale, thin, and wildly different, and the video was quite viral.

Given the way she looked, she did not only receive a fan following but also harsh criticism.

Eugenia Cooney recovery being talked about
Eugenia Cooney has a pet dog named Buzz and is fond of stuffed toys. (Source: Twitter)

The criticism went to the point where people were trying to get Eugenia Cooney banned from YouTube to have her focus on recovery.

Eugenia Cooney then took a six-month break from YouTube to try and focus on recovery.

A famous YouTuber at the time, Shane Dawson, also made a documentary of Eugenia Cooney to show what she was doing for her recovery.

At the time, it did look like Eugenia was doing well, as she revealed that she was getting professional help.

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What Is Eugenia Cooney’s Healthy Diet Plans?

Eugenia Cooney has always remained tight-lipped about her diet and recovery plans.

However, fans have decoded through her videos that she does have apples and chicken in her diet.

This breakdown is that she has mentioned these food items regularly in her videos.

Eugenia Cooney in a yellow and black attire taking a selfie.
Eugenia Cooney was fond of reading manga books in school and considered herself bad at sports. (Source: Twitter)

Some other possible food items in her diet include yogurt and grapes.

Also, given that she has been able to remain at her weight for such a long period, fans assume that she has a lot of vitamins and supplements.

Regardless, fans are still hopeful that Eugenia Cooney finally listens to them and begins her path toward recovery.

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How Did She Return To YouTube And Recovery? 

Eugenia returned to YouTube some months after the documentary of Shane Dawson aired.

It also did look like Eugenia Cooney had made some considerable recovery, having also put on some weight.

However, fans noticed Eugenia Cooney was starting to cover her body after the return.

Eugenia Cooney posing in her garden with her hands on her waist
Daisy Ridley is one of Eugenia Cooney’s favorite actresses. (Source: Twitter)

This was in contrast to her previous revealing clothes worn during her videos.

Fans thought that this was to hide from potential backlash.

Despite this, fans were still happy that some recovery attempt was present from Eugenia Cooney.

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Relapse Of Eugenia Cooney And Growing Worry From Fans

From 2020 onwards, Eugenia Cooney relapsed, and all the weight gained during her recovery was lost.

She returned to her skin-revealing clothes and did not seem to have any intention of trying to gain weight either. This grew concerns amongst her fans.

Eugenia with one side of her jacket slightly open in her hand
Eugenia Cooney’s critics sometimes argue to age-restrict or remove her YouTube channel. (Source: Twitter)

She also began streaming on the popular platform Twitch.

However, she mostly sits in her chair in her regular stream, consciously trying to avoid standing up.

People are presuming this action is a decision from Eugenia Cooney to try and avoid body shaming from her audience.

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