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The Office Big Keith Ewen Macintosh Cause Of Death: Family, Kids

Veteran actor Ewen Macintosh is no more. However, he has left a huge mark on the entertainment world, and his fans show absolute gratitude towards him and are in a rush to know the cause of Ewen Macintosh death.

The Office is a famous television series that is a big part of English pop culture even after all these years.

Each one of the characters from the show holds a special place in the hearts of the fans of the series.

One of those special characters was Big Keith, played by Ewen Macintosh.

His deadpan comedy and an amazing dialog delivery in the show were unmatched.

A dialog of his “What are the options?” is still as famous as it was during the early 2000s.

Sadly, he is no more, as Ewen Macintosh died at 50 on February 20, 2024.

The death of the famous comedian and actor Ewen Macintosh has shocked all his fans, and they now want to know the cause of it.

The Office Actor Ewen Macintosh Passes Away: Fans Wonder About The Cause Of Death

The world learned about Ewen Macintosh’s death after the creator of The Office, Ricky Gervais, made a post on his Twitter.

He writes,

The very funny and very lovely Ewen Macintosh, known to many as big Keith from the office, has passed away.

Ewen Macintosh in red carpet event
Ewen Macintosh was always ready to make everyone laugh with his incredible humor and comedy timing. (Source: Twitter)

The tweet immediately started surfacing online, and many of his fans were heartbroken.

Fans of Ewen Macintosh from all over the world are asking for the cause of his death.

One fan writes, “50 is so young and Ewen Macintosh always appeared to look so happy I wonder what happened.”

However, it appears the family and kids of Ewen Macintosh want to keep the cause of his death private.

It is important to note that the family and close ones of Ewen Macintosh may need some time to heal before they come forward with an elaborate statement.

Ewen Macintosh Cause of death
Ewen Macintosh was very close with his The Office colleagues even after years. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, on behalf of his family, his management company, Just Right Management, has said a few things.

They first address that the passing of Ewen Macintosh was very peaceful.

The ‘peaceful passing’ statement has made some fans create their assumptions.

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Ewen Macintosh’s Passing Sparks Speculation, Family Grateful For Support: Private Cremation Ahead

The fans wonder if Ewen Macintosh was dealing with a fatal illness long before his death.

The cause of the death of Ewen Macintosh has become a question that his fans desperately want answers to.

But sadly, the cause of death of Ewen Macintosh remains a mystery as no sources have revealed it, and it seems to be his family’s choice, too.

Further, the management team says that his family is extremely thankful for the people who supported him.

They especially express their gratitude towards the Willow Green Care home.

Keith from The Office
Big Keith from The Office will forever be one of English television’s most iconic TV characters. (Source: Twitter)

Another thing his management mentions is that the family and kids of Ewen Macintosh will move forward with a private cremation for him.

They plan to arrange a celebratory memorial for his friends and colleagues later in the year.

Let’s hope the family and kids of Ewen Macintosh can navigate through this challenging situation.

It is tough to go through the death of a family member, no matter what the cause of death may be.

The reaction from fans worldwide to his death shows that he has left a big legacy.

Nevertheless, Ewen Macintosh’s work in the English entertainment scene will forever be iconic.

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