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Fact Check: Is Jorge Losa Gay? Gender And Sexuality

Is Jorge Losa gay? Jorge began his acting career in 2017. However, major websites like IMDb did not list him because of his minor film involvement.

Jorge Losa is a Spanish actor well renowned for his movies Parientes a la Fuerza, Mujeres Asesinas, and La Rosa de Guadalupe. He is also known to be a television personality.

He was one of La Casa de los Famosos Mexico’s most dominant and competitive residents. He was eliminated as the eighth competitor from The House of Famous Mexico.

Moreover, in 2021, he made his professional acting debut as a German soldier in the short film La Sonrisa de Gerta. Despite numerous acting opportunities, he was unable to become a huge celebrity.

His initial exposure came from the reality program Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy. Further, he rapidly gained notoriety after the crowd was astounded by his dancing abilities on the program.

Furthermore, his popularity skyrocketed after he participated in La Casa de los Famosos as a contestant.

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Fact Check: Is Jorge Losa Gay?

There are rumors about the actor and his fans wanting to know the facts about “Is Jorge Losa gay?”

Even though the actor hasn’t confirmed himself as gay, he was seen sharing the bed with Apio Quijano during the show La Casa de los Famosos México.

These intimate moments between them fueled the speculation that Losa is gay.

Further, during their private talk, Apio revealed his love for Jorge and said he believed it to be a powerful love. Losa has responded by stating that it is mutual. Hence, this can indicate that he is gay.

In addition, Jorge Losa and Mara Fernanda ‘Ferka’ Quiroz were also close in the early stages of the same competition. In the show, they shared kisses and said, “I love you.”

Jorge Losa Gay
Jorge Losa has not spoken about him being gay. (Source: El Siglo)

Similarly, Jorge Losa previously dated Mayte Carranco, the show’s host.

Further, a rumor surfaced in July 2023 that Jorge Losa might be linked to Rosa Mara Noguerón, the creator of La Casa de los Famosos México.

Since he has been romantically involved with a few females, he does not seem gay. 

Furthermore, it is his personal choice to reveal his sexual orientation, and no one has the right to spread false rumors about one’s sexual preferences in the public space.

Losa’s fans and followers respect his decision to maintain privacy about the topic despite their curiosity.

Jorge Losa Gender And Sexuality

No confirmed news or statement has been confirmed since the rumors regarding Jorge Losa first surfaced.

Additionally, he has kept his gender a secret, which has caused untrue rumors. He doesn’t appear to be gay, though.

In entertainment, rumors about celebrities’ private life, including their sexual orientation, frequently circulate. The distinction between personal and professional life can be highly blurry for actors.

While they amuse viewers on screen, they also have to deal with the attention and rumors that come with notoriety.

Moreover, speculation about an actor’s sexual orientation can spread for several reasons, but it is frequently fueled by media attention and public interest.

Jorge Losa Gay
Jorge Losa has not publicized his gender and sexual preferences. (Source: Infobae)

These rumors may be based on close friendships, public appearances, or even due to lack of information.

Even though Jorge has happily celebrated the pride month, which can be seen on his Tiktok accounts, he has not publicized his gender. Therefore, his sexual orientation cannot be confirmed.

However, a person’s attitude and behavior are not influenced by their sexual orientation. People are remembered for their generosity and compassion, not for their gender.

Hence, discussing anyone’s sexual preferences is just a waste of time.

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