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Top 25 Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs

Firstly, we all know, becoming an entrepreneur is not a piece of cake. Let us take a look at the Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs in 2024.

These are the females who have worked all their life for their company and succeeded in becoming one of the most successful.

To begin with, an entrepreneur starts their journey with the plan and the courage to carry out that plan.

It comes with hardships, investing a lot of money, risks, anxiety, and stress too.

Most importantly, problem-solving capacity and cash handling capacity are tested once you start your business.

Even after all this, it is not sure that your company or brand will succeed.

There is always uncertainty and risk involved in entrepreneurship. But, once you succeed, you build your own empire.

To sum up, we have categorized 25 Female Entrepreneurs into five separate categories.

They are Entertainment, Medicine, Beauty/Fashion, Business, and Technology in the following table.

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Oprah Winfrey American television talk show host of The Oprah Winfrey Show Actress, Author, Philanthropist
Sofia Vergara Columbian-American Actress, Co-Founder of Latin World Entertainment Model, Producer, Presenter, Model
Ellen Degeneres American Comedian, Television host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Actress, Writer, Producer
JK Rowling British author, Philanthropist, Film Producer, TV Producer, Screenwriter
Jennifer Aniston  American actress, Producer, Businesswoman
Beauty & Fashion
Kim Kardashian American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, producer, actress
Sara Blakely American businesswoman, philanthropist
Rihanna Barbadian singer, actress, fashion designer, businesswoman
Vera Wang American Fashion Designer
Kylie Jenner American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model
Ashley McEvoy Executive Vice President, Worldwide Chairman, Medical Devices at Johnson &Johnson
Karen Parkhill Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Medtronics
Zhong Huijuan Founder, CEO, and Chair at Hansoh Pharmaceuticals
Karen Lynch President and Chief Executive Officer of CVS Health
Gail Boudreaux President and CEO of Anthem Inc.
Diane Hendricks Businesswoman and Film Producer of Wisconsin
Arianna Huffington Greek-American author, Syndicated Columnist, Businesswoman
Mary Barra Chief Executive officer of General Motors and First Female CEO of Big Three
Jane Fraser CEO of Citigroup
Zhang Yin Founder and Director of Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd.
Susan Wojcicki CEO of youtube, Google’s first marketing manager
Judy Faulkner CEO and Founder of Epic Systems
Cher Wang Co-Founder and Chairperson of HTC Corporation
Indra Nooyi CEO of PepsiCo, Board member of Amazon
Sonia Syngal President and CEO of GAP Inc.

Top 25 Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs in 2024.

Now, let us look at the 25 Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs list in 2024 with references from Forbes and Wikipedia.

25) Sonia Syngal

Net Worth: $10 Million

Gap Inc. is a leading clothing manufacturing company that offers accessories, clothing essentials, and personal care products for men, women, and children.

Sonia Syngal is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director at Gap.

Furthermore, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix, Janie, and Jack are all owned by the same parent company Gap Inc.

Sonia Syngal
Sonia Syngal (Source:commons.wikipedia.org)

In addition, Gap Inc. is the largest retailer in the US and the third-largest retailer globally.

In 2020, the net sales of Gap Inc was $13.8 billion.

As a result of continuous and diligent effort and efficient work, Syngal is one of the most successful and famous female entrepreneurs.

24) Ashley McEvoy

Net Worth:$10.3 Million

Johnson & Johnson manufactures medical devices such as Orthopaedics, Surgery, Interventional, and Vision businesses.

This includes eleven platforms generating more than $1 billion yearly.

Ashley leads a team of aspiring scientists, workers, engineers, and doctors and helps them perform their best.

Ashley McEvoy
Ashley McEvoy (Source: JNJ)

Meanwhile, Ashley and her team have invested over $10 billion in executing approximately 150 acquisitions.

This has enhanced the ability to meet patient and customer needs in today’s time.

Also, this strategy has doubled the value of the Medical Devices flow compared to 2018.

23) Karen Parkhill

Net Worth:$13 Million

Currently, Karen Parkhill is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Medtronics.

Medtronic is the world’s largest medical device manufacturing company.

Karen Parkhill
Karen Parkhill (Source: Fortune)

This company currently produces high-quality medical devices such as insulin pumps, pacemakers, and more.

Also, Medtronic’s total worth as of august 2021 is $172.48 Billion.

Thus, Medtronic has been able to transform healthcare.

22) Jane Fraser

Net Worth:$17.3 Million

Previously, Fraser was the President of Citigroup and CEO of Global Consumer Bank and responsible for consumer business at Citi.

Currently, Jane Fraser is the CEO of Citigroup.

She joined Citi in 2009 and helped it reach the ground it is on today.

Jane Fraser
Jane Fraser (Source:commons.wikipedia.org)

Citigroup is an international investment bank with headquarter located in New York City.

Fraser is also the first female CEO in the bank’s history.

Citigroup is currently the third-largest banking institute in the United States.

It is also ranked 33 in the Fortune 500 as of 2024.

In 2020, the bank had over $2.26 trillion in assets.

21) Karen Lynch

Net Worth:$20.9 Million

Kren S. Lynch is an American businesswoman.

She was the first female president at Aetna in 2015.

Aetna is a health care company that provides health insurance.

Currently, she is the President and CEO of CVS Health and is leading more than 300,000 companions and working together to make health care convenient and simple for all.

CVS serves approximately 34 million people through health services and insurance.

There are 9900 pharmacies and 1000+ MinuteClinic and HealthHUB currently working under CVS.

As of 2020, the net income of CVS was estimated to be $7.17 Billion.

In addition, Lynch is an executive at Magellan Health Services and Cigna.

20) Gail Boudreaux

Net Worth:$45.5 Million

Gail Boudreaux became the President and CEO of Anthem in 2017.

Previously, she was the CEO of UnitedHealthcare.

Anthem is a leading health benefits provider.

With health plans and health insurance policies and the mission to improve the health of people, Anthem is considered a good insurance company.

Understandably, Anthem had assets worth $87.98 Billion as of 2020.

19) Arianna Huffington

Net Worth:$100 Million

Arianna Huffington is an entrepreneur and the also, co-founder of The Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post became worth $30 Million over the span of six years.

Also, she is the CEO and founder of Thrive Global and the author of 15 books.

Arianna Huffington
Arianna Huffington (Source:commons.wikipedia.org)

Furthermore, her books are international bestsellers, too.

In her books, she simply describes challenges she faced in her life and how to get past the challenges flawlessly.

In addition, she is also on the Forbes Most Powerful Women list.

18) Sofia Vergara

Net Worth:$180 Million

Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara is a very famous actress, model, and television producer.

In addition to that, she is also the Co-Founder of Latin World Entertainment.

Sofia was the highest-paid Hollywood actress in 2020 and the highest-paid actress in American TV from 2013-2020.

Sofía Vergara
Sofía Vergara (Source:commons.wikipedia.org)

Sofia started her career with modeling and quickly got into acting as well.

She has successfully worked in twenty-five movies and twenty-six TV series.

Vergara made $500,000+ per episode on “Modern Family.”

Obviously, with over 20 million+ fan following and a sweet personality, she is one of the best.

17) Mary Barra

Net Worth:$194 Million

Mary Teresa Barra is the Chairperson and CEO of General Motors since 2014.

Before becoming the CEO, Mary was the executive vice of global product development, supply, and purchase.

General Motors is the manufacturer of vehicles in several countries. Its automobile brands are Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac.

Mary Barra
Mary Barra (Source:flickr.com)

General Motors had a net income of $6.4 billion in 2020.

In 2016 itself, General Motors sales reached 10 million vehicles.

She was listed 5th on Forbes Most Powerful Women in 2017.

16) Indra Nooyi

Net Worth:$290 Million

Indra Nooyi is an Indian business executive. She is also the former chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo.

She ranks among the world’s 100 most powerful women.

Indra Nooyi
Indra Nooyi (Source:quotepark.com)

She also serves as a board member of Amazon and the International Cricket Council.

Nooyi strategically planned the redirection of PepsiCo. As a result, PepsiCo was largely successful and had long-term growth.

15) Jennifer Aniston

Net Worth:$300 Million

Jennifer Joana Aniston is one of the famous and successful female actresses in Hollywood.

Her career started at an early age in Mac and Me, with a minor role.

FRIENDS was a big hit with 51.1 million viewers in 2004.

As a result, Jennifer rose to international fame and success from her role in FRIENDS.

For her role in this series, she won Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awards.

Jenifer Aniston
Jenifer Aniston (Source:flickr.com)

For each episode, Aniston earned $1 million along with her other five co-stars from FRIENDS.

Aniston was one of the world’s highest-paid actresses in 2018.

Understandably, she is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses.

14) Ellen DeGeneres

Net Worth:$370 Million

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is a popular comedian and the creator of the all-time famous The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Firstly, her journey with comedy started in the early 1980s, including an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

She also provided the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory.

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

Ellen has also written four books and has her own record company- Eleveneleven.

In addition, she has a production company- A Very Good Production and a lifestyle brand- ED Ellen DeGeneres.

Also, she worked in Mr.Wrong, EDtv, and The Love letter.

13) Kylie Jenner

Net Worth :$600 Million

Of course, Kylie Jenner.

Being the consistent and flawless person she is, she runs many collaborations and businesses.

Kylie Kristen Jenner is the Founder of Kylie Cosmetics which is a makeup brand targeting people of all colors.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner (Source:instagram.com)

In 2019, Kylie launched a skincare brand.

The company manufactured skincare essentials such as makeup wipes, cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers.

From early years, Kylie Jenner was a part of the reality TV series-Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kylie has done music videos, acting, and modeling.

Jenner ranked first in the Forbes list of highest-paid celebrities in 2020.

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12) Susan Wojcicki

Net Worth:$580 Million

Susan Diane Wojcicki is an American-Polish business executive.

Susan is the CEO of Youtube.

She was also involved in the founding of Google and was Google’s first marketing manager.

She has been in the technology industry for over 20 years.

In 2018, she was 10th on Fortune’s list of Most Powerful Women.

Also, Susan ranked 41 on the Forbes list of America’s Self-Made Women.

11) Vera Wang

Net Worth:$65o Million

Vera-Ellen Wang is an American Fashion Designer who has flawlessly depicted her best designing skills in the industry.

She only started at the age of 41, but her exemplary skills brought her to the top.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Vera Wang
Vera Wang (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

Her designs are adored by millions.

She has designed for Ariana Grande, Ivanka Trump, Victoria Beckham, Khloe Kardashian, Michelle Obama, and many public figures.

In addition, she also worked at Ralph Lauren and Vogue.

10) Sara Blakely

Net Worth:$750 Million

Sara Blakely is obviously an all-rounder. She is a philanthropist and the founder of Spanx.

Before entering into business, she briefly worked as a standup comedian and in sales.

She was supported by a male mill operator financially and labor-wise.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Sara Blakely
Sara Blakely (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

Blakely initially handled all aspects of Spanx.

Spanx gained a lot of attention when Winfrey called Spanx one of her Favorite things.

The only motive of Spanx is to promote comfort and confidence in women.

Spanx achieved $10 million in sales in the second year and is now worth approximately $1 Billion.

9) JK Rowling

Net Worth:$820 Million

As we all know, Joanne Rowling is the best author of the all-time famous for Harry Potter fantasy series.

It has won multiple awards and sold over 500 million copies worldwide.

In fact, Rowling channeled her grief of the loss of her mother in her first book.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs JK Rowling
JK Rowling (Source:quotepark.com)

We all know how the book was submitted to 12 publications, but everyone rejected it.

However, a year later, Barry Cunningham decided to print it, and it became a huge hit.

This changed Rowling’s life for the better.

In addition, she founded Lumos, which is an NGO to help children unite with families.

8) Kim Kardashian

Net Worth:$1.2 Billion

Kimberly Noel Kardashian West is the Founder of KKW Beauty and CEO and Founder of SKIMS.

Firstly, she started her business with KKW Beauty in 2017. Next, she launched a shapewear company SKIMS in 2019.

Both businesses are flourishing and thriving.

KKW beauty’s value is $1 Billion, and SKIMS is worth $1.6 Billion.

She was also a part of the reality TV series Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian (Source:instagram.com)

Kim K has appeared in movies and series such as Disaster Movie, How I Met Your Mother, Beyond the Break, and many others.

All in all, Kim K is an all-rounder having 246 million followers on Instagram alone.

She has four children with rapper Kanye West.

Obviously, she is a diligent and hardworking entrepreneur who handles her life flawlessly and elegantly.

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7) Rihanna

Net Worth:$1.7 Billion

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is the richest musician in the world.

She started her career as a singer. Everything she did, she rocked it all.

She had big hits in music such as: Shut up and Drive, Don’t Stop the Music, Hate that I Love You, and many more.

In addition, she won 9 Grammy Awards, 8 Billboard Music Awards, and 13 American Music Awards.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Rihanna in 2012
Rihanna in 2012 (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

Similarly, in the beauty industry, she has contributed abundantly.

Her makeup brand Fenty Beauty is a high-quality makeup line that manufactures foundation, highlighter, blush, concealer, and other essentials.

Fenty Beauty has taken into account all colors and skin types and made makeup viable for all.

Fenty Beauty’s value is $2.8 Billion.

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6) Zhang Yin

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Zhang Yin is the fourth richest woman in Mainland China and the 24th rich in China.

She is the founder of Nine Dragons Paper.

It is a paper recycling company.

Firstly, the company buys scrap useless paper from the US and then turns it into the cardboard.

This cardboard is used for boxing in import/export.

The company is China’s biggest paper-making company.

Undoubtedly, the total assets of the company was $12 billion+ in 2020.

In 2010, Zhang’s fortune was approximately $2 Billion. So, she was the wealthiest woman entrepreneur in 2010.

5) Oprah Winfrey

Net Worth:$2.5 Billion

Ranking fifth on this list of most famous entrepreneurs, we have Oprah Gail Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey is famous for her talk show- The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The show estimated 15-20 million viewers every day in the US and approximately 42 million viewers a week by sharing her story as a black woman in society, her grief, and the challenges she faced.

In this way, she connected to the audience. As a result, the connection improved the show.

In addition, she is the Chairperson and CEO of Harpo Productions and CEO and CCO of the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey (Source:flickr.com)

She is also an author, actress, and presenter.

Furthermore, she helps helpless and poor women and children.

Not just that, she donated $400 million for educational causes.

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4) Judy Faulkner

Net Worth:$6.7 Billion

The CEO and Founder of Epic Systems, Judith Faulkner, is the inventor of electronic storage in medicine.

Epic Systems is one of the largest providers of health services in terms of IT.

This allows personnel to access, store, organize and share medical records using a cloud-based storage system.

All in all, Judy’s 47% stake in Epic Systems is worth $6 billion.

As a result, she is the second richest self-made woman in America.

Roots & Wings is a foundation established by Judy and Gordon Faulkner.

To sum up, this foundation helps low-income families and children fulfill basic health and human needs.

3) Cher Wang

Net Worth:$8.8 Billion

Cher wang is considered to be one of the most prosperous women in computer technology.

In 2014, she ranked as the 54th most powerful woman in the world.

Moreover, she has a huge role in creating early models of smartphones in 1997.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Cher Wang
Cher Wang (Source:commons.wikimedia.org)

She is the co-founder and chair of HTC, a Taiwanese smartphone company.

Wang also donates to charity through Wang’s Charity Foundation.

2) Diane Hendricks

Net Worth:$11.1 Billion

Diane Marie Hendricks is the owner and chairperson of ABC Supply.

ABC Supply is responsible for selling roofing, windows, gutters, and siding for buildings.

It is the largest roofing and window supply distributor in the United States.

The company was founded by Diane Hendricks and her late husband Ken Hendricks in 1982.

Since then, ABC supply has experienced dynamic growth and upliftment.

In addition, Hendricks donated heavily to Republican causes and candidates across the country.

All in all, she is a genuine person with perfect conscience of business.

1) Zhong Huijuan

Net Worth:$14.5 Billion

At number one, we have Zhong Huijuan. She is the world’s richest self-made woman.

Previously, she was a chemistry teacher, and now, her career switch has paid off.

As the founder, CEO, and chair of Hansoh Pharmaceutical, Huijuan worked hard and relentlessly to build an empire.

Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs Zong Huijuan
Zong Huijuan

Hansoh Pharmaceuticals produces oncology, antidiabetic and other drugs and was established in December 2015.

It also promotes the research and development of products.

Zhong owns more than three-quarters of the company with her daughter.

Her wealth grew significantly in 2020 amid COVID-19.



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