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Who Is Farhat Naik, Zakir Naik Wife? Wikipedia And Age

Zakir Naik wife Farhat Naik is the mother of their three kids. Here’s everything you need to know about Farhat’s professional and personal life.

Dr. Zakir Naik is an Islamic preacher and founder of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). He is known for his lectures and debates on Islam and comparative religion. 

Furthermore, he holds a medical degree but turned to full-time Islamic preaching. Dr. Naik gained international recognition through his television program, Peace TV.

While Dr. Naik has a significant following, his views and statements have also been controversial. Meanwhile, he is among people’s search after his death rumors went viral.

Besides that, netizens are concerned about Dr. Naik’s personal life, mainly his marriage to his wife, Farhat Naik.

Meet Zakir Naik Wife Farhat Naik

Farhat Naik is Zakir Naik’s beloved wife. The Naik couple has been married for a long time and the pair still cherishes a happy life together.

Furthermore, the duo shares a strong bond and they have supported each other in various steps of their lives. As of now, it remains unclear when the duo tied the knot.

Zakir Naik Wife
Zakir Naik and his wife Farhat Naik have remained together for many years. (Source: BBC)

It appears that they prefer to keep the info confidential. However, Farhat once talked about her life in an interview. She said that she lost her father at a young age.

When Farhat got married, Zakir’s father, Abba, was like a father figure to her. She also said that Abba never made her miss her father.

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Farhat Naik Wikipedia And Biography

Farhat Naik is recognized as the wife of Zakir Naik, an Islamic preacher and the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) founder.

Furthermore, Farhat is the women’s section of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) president.

Also, she is recognized as one of India’s leading female Islamic scholars and an expert in comparative religion.

Farhat Naik Wikipedia
Farhat Naik is Zakir Naik’s wife and the president of the women’s section of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). (Source: India Today)

Farhat hosted packed international sessions on being an ideal wife, woman, and devotee of Allah, often alongside her husband and sometimes with her children.

According to an online report, she has also allegedly used her bank account to launder crores of money received as foreign donations to the Islamic Research Foundation.

Further information related to Farhat’s professional life will be shared later. 

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Farhat Naik Age: How Old Is Zakir Naik Wife?

Farhat Naik age remains under review as the details related to her birth have yet to be shared in the media sources. She came into the limelight after marrying Zakir Naik.

For your information, Zakir was born on October 18, 1965, in Bombay, Maharashtra, India. As of 2024, Zakir is 58 years.

Farhat Naik Son

Farhat Naik and her husband Zakir Naik are the proud parents of three children. (Source: The Week)His parents, Abdul Karim Naik and Roshan Naik, raised him in Bombay, India. Zakir and his wife, Farhat, have also started their own family.

Farhat and Zakir have been married for many years and they are the proud parents of Fariq Zakir Naik, Zikra Naik, and Rushda Naik.

In 2016, Fariq made headlines after he came under Mumbai police scanner. According to a report, he, a preacher, is also active and has been giving several speeches. 

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