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Who is Tiana Kimbrough, Famous Rapper Fatboy SSE Wife?

Fatboy SSE altercation with his wife has gone viral recently, and the rapper is receiving major flak for it. But what exactly happened? Read on to find out.

Tiana Kimbrough is a social media personality. She is popular primarily for posting photos and videos from her daily life.

Like other social media personalities, Tiana Kimbrough mostly only posts about her life.

Leading this life is also aided by the fact that she is the wife of popular rapper Fatboy SSE.

The couple is well known in the rap industry and is popular for leading a lavish lifestyle.

As the couple garners more media attention, people have started searching more for Fatboy SSE wife.

Who is Tiana Kimbrough, Famous Rapper Fatboy SSE Wife?

Other than the fact that she is the wife of Fatboy SSE, there is not much known about Tiana Kimbrough and her past.

Tiana Kimbrough was born on October 25, 1997, and as of 2023, she is 26 years old. She was born in Moreno Valley, California.

After a long relationship, Fatboy SSE and Tiana Kimbrough tied the knot back in 2019.

After the altercation of Fatboy SSE with his wife people are looking for information on Tiana
Tiana Kimbrough and Fatboy SSE have a daughter named Makinze. (Source: Instagram)

Being the wife of Fatboy SSE has been beneficial to Tiana Kimbrough in terms of social media popularity.

She has garnered over 400k followers on her Instagram, where she primarily posts her content.

However, as the wife of Fatboy SSE, there have also been a multitude of controversies that she has had to face.

Even though the couple has been together for 4 years now, their relationship has had major struggles.

Fatboy SSE Assault’s Tiana Kimbrough: What Does Tiana Kimbrough Say About This?

Fatboy SSE and Tiana Kimbrough have been trending across the news lately owing to an unfortunate assault case.

A video has gone viral where Fatboy SSE barges into a nail parlor and physically assaults Tiana Kimbrough.

In the video, we see Tiana Kimbrough getting her nails done in the parlor when Fatboy SSE suddenly emerges.

An altercation ensues between Fatboy SSE and Tiana Kimbrough rather quickly.

The argument was over a key, and then the rapper started assaulting Tiana Kimbrough by pulling her hair and pushing her.

Since the whole altercation is on camera, this situation has accelerated heavily across the internet.

Fans of Fatboy SSE even have begun rallying with his wife, observing the savage nature the rapper has shown.

A snippet from Tiana's live on Instagram
Tiana accused Fatboy of getting a penis enlargement surgery.

Since the video has gone viral, fans have regularly expressed sympathy towards Tiana Kimbrough.

Observing the massive and deserved support towards her, Tiana Kimbrough herself came on Instagram live to address the matter.

In the video, she talks about how her husband, Fatboy, always tries acting like a gangster.

The couple even previously appeared on the reality TV show Couple’s Retreat to address their issues.

However, despite this, it is rather evident that issues between them exist and have not been sorted.

Fatboy SSE’s Stance On The Matter

Fatboy SSE, too has taken to Instagram Live to have his say on the matter.

Unfortunately, though, the statements that he has put out have only fueled the fire toward him even further.

Rather than apologizing for the unfortunate incident of assault on Tiana Kimbrough, Fatboy SSE is defending himself.

Fans even see him trying to play the victim card with his statement. This has majorly angered his own fans against him.

Fatboy SSE taking a picture next to a car
Fatboy SSE is also a comedian and a social media celebrity. (Source: Instagram)

In his own words, he has compared the situation to that of another rapper Blueface. He suggests that Blueface gets away with much worse.

Fans and media alike are shocked at how Fatboy SSE handles the situation with his wife.

Also, Fatboy SSE will not apologise for the altercation with his wife. The reason is that he has previously hinted towards the dissolution of their marriage.

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