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Faustine Bollaert Origine: Religion And Family

Get details on Faustine Bollaert origine and personal life from this article as she revolts against the “unbearable story” of one of the guests in “It starts today.”

Faustine Bollaert is a French Journalist and a radio & television presenter. She has hosted the primetime France 3 program La boîte à secrets since October 18, 2019.

She invites three guests to share their most profound personal and professional secrets in the show. As such, three people were invited to her latest show on May 22. 

And Bollaert created an impression in the show following her rebellion in response to one of her visitors’ testimony.

So, get more details about what happened in the show and her personal life.

Faustine Bollaert Origine: Where Did Bollaert Family Originate From?

According to her Wikipedia page, Faustine Bollaert origine in Paris, France. However, she is of Breton and Italian descent.

Faustine was born Faustine Faraggi, but then she took the name Faustine Bollaert, which is her mother’s family name. 

She is also the great-grandniece of Felix Bollaert. The Racing Club de Lens stadium is named after Faustine’s great-grandfather, Félix Bollaert. 

Faustine Bollaert Origine
Faustine Bollaert is a well-known French journalist. (Image Source: Femme Actuelle)

Her father’s name is Jean-Marie Faraggi, while her mother’s name is Marion Bollaert. However, not much information on their professional lives is revealed.

Her religion at this time is also a mystery. However, most of the Bretons are devout Roman Catholics. So, could Faustine also be the same? 

Faustine Bollaert Husband: The Journalist Is A Mother Of Two

Faustine Bollaert is married to the successful French writer Maxime Chattam. Faustine and Maxime tied their wedding knot in September 2012.

Her husband started writing crime novels after studying criminology. According to his editor’s report from 2019, he has sold 7 million copies of his work.

Chattam belongs to the artistic group La Ligue de l’Imaginaire. The couple has two children from their successful marriage of 11 years.

Faustine Bollaert husband
Faustine Bollaert alongside her husband, Maxime Chattam. (Source: DayFREuro)

The host shares two kids with her husband, Maxime Chattam: Abbie and Peter, a son and a daughter.

She doesn’t hold back while discussing them in interviews, even if she doesn’t want to post their faces on social media.

Although her husband is a well-known author and she rose to fame on television, Faustine agreed to discuss her efforts to shield her children from her and her husband’s fame.

She explained in an interview that she doesn’t feel like a star, nor does her husband. 

According to her, even their kids don’t care whether people know them on the street. They occasionally watch The Secret Box because they want to know what their mother is up to. 

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Faustine Bollaert Disgusted By Visitor’s Testimony, Revolts Against It

Faustine’s anger revolted in her show by one of the testimonies from her visitor. The host read an article from her days with the theme, “Very young, they had an affair with a star” on it.

One of her guests, Christine appeared on the set to describe her relationship with singer Claude François as a minor.

The young woman would not have given her permission for her first relationship with him. However, she had intimate moments with him while still a minor. 

The singer’s ex, Christine, described the situation as a “toxic relationship” and a grip because the Belinda singer never sought her permission before engaging in sexual activity. 

The host, Faustine, first assured her visitor and later indicated her teenage experience as rape. 

The host was completely enraged by her story and told her that her coworker, Natacha, and herself get a lot of young women who come to this set to tell us what she just said.

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