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Is Twitch Streamer Juju Faze Rain GF? Relationship, Dating Details

Gamer and vlogger Faze Rain, known for his gaming expertise, has now captured fans’ attention with his personal life, sparking curiosity about his GF. Delve deeper into this article to learn about his dating history.

Nordan Shat, professionally known as Faze Rain, is a Canadian Vlogger and Twitch streamer, born on May 29th, 1996, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

His mother’s name is Sue, while his father’s name remains unknown in the internet sources.

Further, he is best known as a competitive player for the online gaming clan Faze.

Along with his game streaming, Faze also vlogs and shares a glimpse of his daily activities and personal life.

Nonetheless, fans have always shown interest in knowing about the dating life of Faze Rain and his GF.

Faze Rain Dating Timeline: Who Is His GF?

As there is sparked eagerness among fans about the dating history and GF of Faze Rain, we have gathered some information about his relationship.

As of 2024, Faze Rain is single and has no GF, but there are rumors about him dating Twitch streamer Juju.

However, no such proof justifies his relationship with Juju, and they do not follow each other.

Besides, according to different sources, he has previously been involved in several relationships.

Faze Sway dated during his teenage years, but the relationship ended after 3 years, which drove him into depression.

After the depressed breakup in the past, he met a girl named Taylor Aitken in 2013 and began dating.

Faze Rain with GF Taylor.
Faze and Taylor were together till 2016. (Source: Facebook)

In the early 2010s, Taylor and Faze gained popularity as a YouTube couple known for their lighthearted nature.

Further, Faze Rain featured GF Taylor in one of his Meet My Girlfriend videos, which fans loved.

Additionally, Taylor supported him as he achieved numerous goals; their bond was evident in his videos.

Unfortunately, after dating for many years, the couple decided to separate their ways.

Faze explained in one of his videos that the reason for their breakup was the long-distance relationship problems.

Since then, there have been no clues about his relationship status, so we can assume he is currently single.

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Early Life And Career Of Faze Rain: Family Details

Faze Rain faced many difficulties growing up as his family had many problems.

His parents used to fight every day, which was very disturbing to Faze and his sisters as children.

Further, when he was 7 years old, his parents separated, which resulted in his loneliness.

Because of all these issues Faze had faced, his loneliness eventually turned into anxiety and depression.

Later, his mother married Al, and he and his sister grew up with them.

Besides, Faze also has two step-siblings who are not very close to him and his sister.

Moreover, as a child, Faze struggled with obesity, which caused him self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

Even in his youth, obesity was one of his genuine medical problems.

Faze Rain with fake tattoo on his arms.
Faze has 1.7M followers on his Instagram handle. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, classmates called him the class clown during school days, which made him struggle more.

He was never serious about his studies and eventually dropped out of high school and began content creation.

Coming to his career, Faze started his YouTube channel in 2010 and named it FaZe Rain.

On this channel, he mostly uploaded videos of himself playing games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, etc.

Moreover 2011, he created his second YouTube channel and started vlogging and sharing his moments.

His gaming channel has 5.32M subscribers, whereas his second channel, Faze Rug, has 25.2M subscribers.

Further, Faze has recently become more active on his second channel, Faze Rug, where he uploads fun content.

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