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Feinman Family Arrested For Refusing Inspection- What Really Happened? Where Are They Now?

For the refusal of inspection, the Feinman family was arrested in the state of Nevada-California in August 2015. 

In the footage, Bradley Feinman is seen requesting a search warrant from officers at the Truckee agricultural station. Authorities claim they don’t want to search his car. They just want to look it over.

As Feinman enters what the authorities call the “bug station” on Interstate 80 close to the Nevada-California state line, they order him to “don’t answer questions.”

In response to a question about whether authorities have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, Feinman refuses to let his car be inspected. According to the video, he claims they need a warrant to check his vehicle.

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He refuses to turn up his license and registration many minutes later. Officers repeatedly told him to turn over his license, or they would break his windows and arrest him.

An officer destroys a window shortly after. Vincent Bradley Feinman, and Feinman, were both in custody.

Feinman Family Arrested For Refusing Inspection- What Really Happened?

The Feinman family was stopped for exercising their right to be secure in their person, papers, and effects while driving across the fictitious border between California and Nevada. 

When Restore Freedom Project member Brad Feinman objected to a vehicle inspection at an agriculture inspection station, the authorities soon turned to violence to coerce the usually calm family into complying.

The first pompous order-follower from the Nazi checkpoint was a young man who stated, “No, you can’t just drive off; we need to inspect your cargo, and you have to tell me where you’re coming from.”

Feinman Family Arrested
This image depicts the start of the altercation with the Feinman family at the Truckee bug station (Source: Youtube)

The bewildered young subordinate then had to call for his supervisor. This programmed woman said, “It’s our policy,” couldn’t explain the word “search,” and vehemently disliked how it related to the phrase “inspection,” which allowed it to circumvent the 4th Amendment.

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She claims that the insects on his vehicle made him look like a potential fruit smuggler when questioned why he was chosen for “inspection.” 

California Highway Patrol Officer McDonald pulls the defenseless American family over to the side of the road shortly after leaving the senseless mayhem of these bloodthirsty autocrats and then proceeds to violate their tranquility once more.

Mr. Feinman held firm in his reluctance to give up his liberties, constantly asking for a warrant and permission to continue his peaceful travels within his own country.

But despite the Trooper’s backup arriving, all he got were repeated threats directed at his family from the Trooper.

When his backup arrives, the road pirates respond to the citizen’s rights and beg not to shatter their windows.

Entering their private space with the smartass comments, “Oh, you guys are constitutionalists” and “we don’t need the warrant to search your car and commit forced entry.”

If Mr. Feinman did not comply, one CHP officer threatened to have CPS remove his child.

An unjust and overzealous Police officer uses another corrupt and liberty-infringing State agency to support his position.

After a while, these armed Anti-Freedom thugs with bright badges and sticks shattered the back window of their car, dragged them out, and locked them in a chilly cage using their Police State brainwashing.

Where Are Feinman Family Right Now? 

The Feinman family is not to be found anywhere these days. They have had their punishments and should know they should not get on the nerves of any government authorities. 

However, they must have known about their mistakes and be aware of not repeating them. 

The elder Feinman was then required to appear at the Nevada County Jail by 8 pm today to begin serving the final eight days of his 12-day sentence. In addition, 30 hours of community service are required, according to Newell.

His kid, who was given a four-day term, was given credit for time spent. Twenty hours of community service are required of him, according to Newell.

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The elder Feinman of Lakeport was found guilty of impeding or resisting an officer by using force or threats, disobeying an officer’s valid command, and defying an inspection. He spoke for himself, according to Newell.

His kid was found guilty of using force or threats to obstruct or resist an officer. The district attorney said, “He had a public advocate.

The Feinman’s were initially charged with felonies but were only found guilty of misdemeanors.


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