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Femi Nylander Wikipedia, Age: Meet African Apocalypse Writer

Ever since the documentary African Apocalypse written by Femi Nylander was released,  there was a significant rise in the number of people who showed interest in his personal life, eventually leading to a vast internet surge for his Wikipedia. 

Femi Nylander is a newcomer actor and writer born and raised in the vibrant city of London.

He debuted in the entertainment industry in 2019, per the IMDb records.

So far, he has acted in movies like The Mandela Project, Fever, and McDonalds & Dodds.

However, he was thrust into the spotlight for his incredible work as a writer in the 2020 documentary African Apocalypse.

With this, the search for the Wikipedia page of Femi Nylander has stormed the internet in recent times.

Femi Nylander Wikipedia: Age And Early Life

Since Femi Nylander has just started his career, there’s yet a time for him to have a dedicated Wikipedia page. 

But, addressing the concern of his fans, today, we have come up with the Wikipedia article of Femi Nylander.

Femi Nylander is a talented actor and writer known for his remarkable work in the beginning phase of his career in the entertainment world.

Femi Nylander pictured with his friend in library
Femi Nylander is active on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

While his birth details are unavailable, Femi was born as Oluwafemi Nylander to his Nigerian parents in Manchester, United Kingdom.

As for education, he attended the University of Oxford and graduated from there in 2016. 

Three years later, he began acting, portraying a small role in the short Fever.

Further, Femi showcased his acting prowess in McDonald & Dodds (2020) and The Mandela Project (2022).

Femi Nylander showing a painting
Femi Nylander lives in Bolton. (Source: Instagram)

However, he gained widespread recognition for writing the BBC Two film African Apocalypse, for which he received high praise from critics.

The famous writer is now involved in producing BBC’s historical Docudrama Exterminate All the Brutes.

It’s just one and a half decades since Femi started working in a mainstream business, but he has already left his mark on his audiences. 

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Career Journey & Net Worth Of Femi Nylander

Femi Nylander, the multitalented individual, is just another cog in the machine of the entertainment industry.

As previously mentioned, he is rising as an actor and writer. But apart from that, it’s equally important to note that Femi is also an influential poet.

He first gained popularity from TED talk poems on migration and decolonial public health.

In the meantime, he showcased his linguistic talents in two TED talk poems, performing his poem in French, Spanish, Hausa, Hindi, and Arabic.

Femi Nylander with Trevor Mcdonald
Femi Nylander is a writer for African Apocalypse. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his current status, he is working as the frontman of the upcoming band ‘Pangolin,’ featuring Oxford graduates, and no doubt, Nylander diversifies his creative pursuits through his work.

Besides, Nylander currently serves in the post-production of Exterminate All the Brutes.

It is a collaborative effort with Emmy-winning film director Rob Lemkin, Emmy award-winning film producer Geoff Arbourne, the BBC, and the British Film Institute.

Furthermore, as for his net worth, Nylander has a fortune of over 250k dollars throughout his career. 

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