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Big Brother Floppy Tesouro Pareja And Hija Moorea: Marido Or Novia Mante Bouquet

Who is Floppy Tesouro pareja? The model seems to have a wide range of fans following through her participation in different shows. Find out about her pareja and hija.

Florencia “Floppy” Tesouro, stage name Floppy Tesouro, is a model and musical artist from Argentina.

She is known to be a contestant in Big Brother Argentina season 5, Dancing with the Stars Argentina 2018 and 2021.

Further, the model has also participated in The Challenge: Argentina. Besides modeling, she is also an actress, host, and mother of a beautiful daughter.

Because she enjoys adventure, Tesouro completes several demanding challenges in The Challenge: Argentina. She is, therefore, accomplishing her goals through the show.

Even after giving birth, the lady is unstoppable and pushes herself towards more challenges.

As a result of her perseverance and positive mentality, she has successfully garnered a sizable number of loving audience who truly admire her for being herself.

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Big Brother Contestant Floppy Tesouro Pareja And Hija Moorea

There has been a curiosity among her lovely admirers about Floppy Tesouro Pareja and Hija Moorea.

Floppy was previously married to the architect Rodrigo Fernández Prieto on 27 November 2017. However, it is mentioned that the couple separated long ago.

The factors that led to their divorce are still being examined. However, the union of Floppy and Rodrigo has a beautiful daughter named Moorea.

The ex-couple, Hija Moorea, lives with her mother, Tesouro, and sometimes visits her father, Prieto.

Moreover, Moorea is quite often featured on her mother’s Instagram posts. The mother and her lovely daughter are seen enjoying their life together.

Floppy Tesouro Pareja
Floppy Tesouro is seen reliving her childhood because of her daughter Moorea. (Source: Eltrece)

They can be seen having fun together when traveling, dancing, and singing. Her daughter considers Floppy a best friend, and she helps her feel at ease when they engage in any activity.

The mother is encouraging her daughter to pursue her happiness. Moorea’s mother is overjoyed to see her developing into the most beautiful child, even though she is increasing.

Additionally, Floppy celebrated her daughter’s sixth birthday in Puerto Madero. The birthday theme was based on “Beauty and the Beast,” her daughter’s favorite movie.

On her birthday, Moorea was seen celebrating the event with her mother and her father together. The ex-couple were seen together again after so long.

Furthermore, talking about Floppy Tesouro’s pareja, she is rumored to be dating someone recently.

Floppy Tesouro Marido Or Novia Mante Bouquet

Floppy Tesouro was initially married to the architect Rodrigo Fernández Prieto, the father of her beautiful daughter.

After separating from Rodrigo, she was romantically involved with gastronomic businessman Ezequiel Pereira.

Although it is unknown how long their relationship lasted, they got separated. Tesouro revealed that she had not had a partner for a year after separating from the businessman.

Floppy Tesouro Pareja
Floppy Tesouro separated from her husband, Rodrigo, who is the father of her daughter. (Source: Caras)

Floppy was also rumored to be linked with a businessman named Francisco, with whom she shared pictures at her birthday. However, she mentioned him as a close friend but denied any relationship.

In one of her recent interviews with the Biri Biri program, the model accepted that she had been talking to a person recently, and they were just getting to know each other.

She, however, did not reveal his identity. Tesouro also mentioned that she is mostly chatting with that person.

Further, she also explains that she has not introduced him to her daughter yet because she wants her child to be safe.

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