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What Is Flula Borg Real Name? Bio Of Suicide Squad Actor

The famous entertainment personality Flula Borg’s career has been a tale of extraordinary accomplishments. With his growing popularity, the curiosity surrounding the real name of Flula Borg is also growing.

Flula Borg is a famous actor, comedian, and musician born in the year 1982 on March 28.

As a musician, his main genre is Electronic dance music (EDM), Hip-Hop, and Rap.

Flula is also a DJ, and he often writes his songs and is also a record producer.

Besides music, he is also a great actor, screenwriter, comedian, and YouTuber.

As Flula Borg is up and rising with his various works in entertainment, he is also garnering a lot of public attention and most want to know if Flula Borg is his real name.

What Is The Real Name Of Flula Borg? YouTube Star & Movie Sensation

Before we dive into the real name mystery of Flula Borg name, let’s get to know him more.

His journey in the entertainment industry began in the year 2007 and since then, he has been very active.

Flula Borg YouTube
Flula Borg’s journey is one of hard work and dedication. (Source: Twitter)

Flula’s career began as a YouTuber. On his YouTube channel, he was able to get many subscribers through his amazing mix of comedy with music and vlogs.

He currently has more than 817k subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 107.1 million total views.

Now, coming back to the real name of Flula, ‘Flula Burg’ is indeed his real name.

Many people believe that Flula is just his stage name because it is what he used on his YouTube.

After spending years of hard work on his personal YouTube channel, he finally decided to get into the mainstream.

His first big project on the big screen was on the movie Pitch Perfect 2 as the character Pieter Kramer.

Flula Borg Real name
Flula’s role in Suicide Squad was very much loved and got much praise. (Source: Twitter)

His character, Pieter Kramer, is the leader of the Das Sound Machine (DSM), which is a European Acapella group.

However, his breakthrough role was in the very popular movie The Suicide Squad.

In the Suicide Squad movie, he plays the role of Gunter Braun, who is also known as Javelin.

Not only in front of the screen, he is also great at being in the background as a vice artist.

Flula has lent his voice in various animation movies like Ferdinand and Ralph Breaks the Internet and Trolls World Tour.

Flula Borg Biography And Early Career: From TV To YouTube Stardom

The YouTuber Flula, has also had many experiences working on television on various shows.

Some of the shows that he has made his appearances in are Curb Your Enthusiasm, Workaholics, Silicon Valley, Counterpart and The Good Place.

Not only that, he has also been the co-host of the popular entertainment channel ‘E!’ during their Live From the Red Carpet pre-show at the Billboard Music Awards.

On his YouTube channel, Flula also interviews many celebrities and has a hit series called Autotunes.

He records cover songs live in his car as a part of the series, which many find very entertaining.

During his long YouTube career, he has teamed up with many other popular YouTubers like Rhett and Link, Smosh, and many more.

Flula Borg stage
Many producers and filmmakers love working with Flula. (Source: Twitter)

He has also had the chance to win several awards for his contributions to YouTube, like the 2015 Streamy Award for Comedy.

Coming back to his musical career, Flula has a full album on his name, which made its reality in the year 2016.

The album has the title ‘Animalbum’ and has songs about animals.

However, his accomplishments in music and YouTube have not made him stop his passion for comedy.

Flula has also been part of many comedy festivals like Just for Laughs in Montreal, SK Sketchfest in San Fransico, etc.

Flula was also the DJ for Conan O’Brien’s show in 2018 and was his sidekick on his comedy tour.

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