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Flight Attendant Stabbing: 33-Years Francisco Severo Torres Arrested and Charged

A Massachusetts man Francisco Severo Torres arrested after attempting to stab a flight attendant in the air with a broken metal spoon. 

Francisco Severo Torres is an American man from Leominster, Massachusetts, who has been making buzzes on the internet following a recent stabbing incident.

On Monday, a passenger allegedly violently attempted to harm a flight attendant during a flight from Los Angeles to Boston. According to the Justice Department, the passenger used a broken metal spoon in an attempt to stab the flight attendant in the neck not once but three times.

This terrifying incident occurred after the passenger attempted to open an emergency exit door, highlighting the severity of the situation. Such acts of violence on a plane are extraordinarily concerning and have no place in society. 

It was confirmed that the man doing this violence was none other than Francisco Severo Torres. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Who Is Flight Attendant Stabbing Suspect Francisco Severo Torres?

With the detention of Francisco Severo Torres, people are eager to know about his life. However, there are not many details about his personal and professional life.

Torres is a 33-year-old man from Leominster, Massachusetts. His name came into the spotlight after he allegedly stabbed a flight attendant with a spoon after trying to open the emergency exit on a trip to Boston.

francisco severo torres
Francisco Severo Torres captured in a video from a flight. ( Source: WCVB )

Francisco was onboard a flight from Los Angeles to Boston when, about 45 minutes before landing, the flight crew was warned that a lock on a side door between the coach and first-class sections had been partly moved from the locked to the unlocked place and the lever securing the emergency slide had been disarmed.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the flight crew notified the incident of the captain after securing the door and slide. Torres asked about cameras showing him tampering with the door. The flight attendant reported him as threatening the captain, who was advised to land the aircraft immediately.

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Is Francisco Severo Torres Arrested? Charges Details

Francisco Severo Torres faced serious charges for his dangerous actions on board a flight, including interfering and attempting to interfere with flight crew members using a dangerous weapon. He used a broken spoon to stab a flight attendant, arresting him.

Disturbing footage captured by a passenger on United Flight 2609 revealed the terrifying reality of Francisco Severo Torres’s violent outburst mid-flight. The video provided a firsthand account of the chaos and danger Torres’s actions posed to everyone on board.

francisco severo torres
Francisco Severo Torres is tied up on the floor. ( Source: WCVB )

Investigators reported that Torres approached two flight attendants, and one reported being stabbed by a broken metal spoon after feeling three hits to his shirt collar and tie. 

While talking to the investigators, Torres said he went into the bathroom on the plane and broke a spoon in half to make a weapon. Also, he was tackled by other passengers, and he was tied with the assistance of the flight crew.

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Who Francisco Severo Torres Stabbed On Plane?

Francisco Severo Torres tried to stab a flight attendant and open an emergency door mid-flight. However, the flight attendant’s name has not been revealed at the time of this post.

francisco severo torres arrested
Francisco was arrested after landing the plane. ( Source: BBC )

He struck a flight attendant in the neck three times with a broken metal spoon. After that, Torres was taken into custody after the plane arrived at Boston’s Logan International Airport. 

The case is still in the investigation process, and more details will be updated soon. 


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