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Francois Legeret Wikipedia: Is He On Prison? Arrest And Charge

People want to know about Francois Legeret Wikipedia as it is rumored that he is in Prison. Let’s find out more about Francois Legeret Wikipedia and other personal details. 

François Légeret, who has always denied committing a triple homicide on December 24, 2005, in Vevey, was moved last week from Bochuz jail to Gorgier prison in the canton of Neuchâtel.

The Vevey resident Gisèle Egli’s testimony, which would clear him, is still not considered by the Vaudois public prosecutor Eric Cottier.

People are interested in François Legeret Wikipedia since it is said that he is incarcerated. Over the years, he had found a certain equilibrium and a routine that allowed him to hang on.

François Légeret was convicted on February 2, 2005, after nearly ten years in prison at the Bochuz Penitentiary in the plain of the Orbe, where he was serving a life sentence for the triple homicide of his mother Ruth, his mother’s friend Marina Studer, and his sister Marie-José that was committed on December 24, 2005, in Vevey.

Let’s learn more about Francois Legeret Wikipedia and other personal information from Wikipedia.

Francois Legeret Wikipedia 

His friend Marlène Curtet, a real estate agent, explains, “François Légeret is both disgusted and furious.” She first met him in 2008 when she sold one of his two homes in Rue, in the canton of Fribourg, and she later founded an organization to defend him.

We had a phone conversation. He is utterly anxious because he has been knocked out of his environment, and there is pure terror. He truly believes we are attempting to undermine and test his limits.

In any case, his first few days at Gorgier were incredibly chaotic, as though the jail staff hadn’t planned for the arrival of this particular prisoner unlike any other and were just happy to wing it.

He was put in a cell for two on the first day when he had an individual cell in Bochuz, continues Marlène Curtet.

Francois Legeret wikipedia
Francois Legeret wikipedia and other details. (Source: Illustre)

He shared a cell with a smoker who couldn’t handle the smell of smoke. In addition, due to his back issues, he was forced to sleep upstairs in a bunk bed.

Because the system is different than in Bochuz and he didn’t have a phone card, he had to ask for another prisoner’s card in order to call me.

He also needed to send me a letter of invitation before I could visit him, but he could not do so since he lacked the funds for the stamp.

He had to hold out for a few days. He also experiences excruciating toothaches, and he is unsure of how he will be able to receive treatment. Everything about this is ludicrous!

Is He On Prison? Arrest And Charge

François Légeret was given a life sentence for killing his mother, a friend of hers, and his sister in Vevey (VD) at the end of December 2005.

As a result, he is not eligible to receive any of his sister’s estate. His appeal questioning the distribution of the victim’s fortune was denied by the Federal Court (TF).

The justice had implicitly assumed that the killer did not have party status since he did not deserve to inherit due to his unworthiness.

Francois Legeret wikipedia
The murderer will not receive his inheritance in the Légeret case. (Source: Illustre)

The law states that when the testator is killed, this is indeed the situation. The TF now affirms this conclusion.

For the murders of his mother, a friend of hers, and her sister on December 24, 2005—whose bodies were never discovered—François Légeret received a life sentence.

He consistently claimed his innocence. The Vaud justice condemned him in 2010, and the Swiss high court upheld the verdict in 2011.

He has been denied several requests for a review of his trial. Even the European Court of Human Rights dismissed the appeal of his conviction in 2013 as being inadmissible.

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