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Astronaut Frank Rubio Parents: Mother Myrna Argueta And Father

A history was made after Frank Rubio, along with two other astronauts, were launched to space by NASA in 2022. The story behind Frank Rubio is extremely inspiring, and Frank Rubio parents couldn’t be prouder.

Science has paved the way for a normal human being to reach unimaginable heights.

Not only our planet Earth, but science has made it possible for us to explore beyond it.

Recently, three astronauts got the opportunity to be part of a space mission by NASA.

Among them, Francisco Carlos Rubio got many people’s attention. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 11, 1975.

Frank Rubio is an astronaut, surgeon, and U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel helicopter pilot.

Frank Rubio Parents: From El Salvador To The Stars

Frank Rubio was born to Salvadoran parents and spent most of his early years in El Salvador.

At age 6, his parents decided moving to Miami, Florida, would be a good idea.

This decision of theirs is one of the reasons for Frank to enter the world of space and exploration.

Frank Rubio mother
Frank Rubio is a very lucky person to have such a loving mother.

Moving from El Salvador to Florida allowed him to experience different cultures at a young age.

It is said that this particular incident influenced his curiosity about the diversity of this world, which led him to keep exploring.

His passion for knowing more about the universe has turned him into a world-renowned name.

Frank Rubio does not hesitate to express his gratitude to his parents, especially his mother, Myrna Argueta.

During the whole process of the rocket launch, Myrna made many people emotional.

Her reaction to her son’s big moment was an extraordinary visual of a mother’s love for her child.

Frank Rubio Parents
Every mother wishes for this day to see their kid’s dream come true.

Viewers could see how proud Frank’s mother was, wiping the tears of joy. But, there is not much information about Frank’s father.

Frank has never mentioned him in any interview, so it’s very hard to tell how much influence his father has had in his life.

But we can definitely see the connection between Frank and his mother, Myrna.

After Frank’s launch into space on September 22, 2022, at 6:00 PM, She made a statement.

It honestly fills me with great pride to be Salvadorian and for my son to say that he feels proud to represent El Salvador.

We can see how much El Salvador means to both Myrna and Frank.

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The Support System Behind Frank Rubio’s Historic Journey

It is rare for a normal family from a small country to make such a big history.

Many Salvadorans sent wishes for Myrna and Frank after the launch was televised.

While Frank Rubio was in outer space exploring the vast universe, his wife was with Frank’s parents.

Ever since Frank Rubio’s wife, Debora, came into his life, the whole family’s connection has grown stronger.

Frank Rubio space
Frank Rubio is a great example of anything achievable if you are determined to get it and have a passion. (Source: Instagram)

Debora and Frank Rubio’s parents are extremely close, especially after giving birth to their grandchildren.

During the whole time, while Frank Rubio was in space, Debora and Rubio’s parents would visit each other.

And make sure that they were there for each other whenever anyone needed anything.

It is said that when you marry someone, you also marry their family. In this case, Debora has proved it right.

Frank Rubio couldn’t be prouder of his wife for caring for his mother like her own.

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