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Where Is Freddie Icarly Now? Career, Looks And Whereabouts 2023

TV shows like iCarly have become a way for people to relive their childhood again, and they love to know what their beloved characters, Freddie Icarly, are up to now.

We all know the hit TV show iCarly, which used to air in the early 2000s, won the hearts of many with its great stories and lovable characters.

One of those characters is Freddie Benson, the only child of Mary, 17, and Mr. Benson.

Freddie was raised in Seattle and lived in apartment 80 of Bushwell Plaza.

His apartment was across the hall from his best friend, Carly Shea.

Freddie Icarly Now: From Childhood In Seattle To iCarly Revival’s Love Story

Many beloved TV series that used to exist a few years ago are again making their way back with new and fun stories.

Similarly, Icarly has once again been able to entertain the audiences with its revival.

Freddie does look much more mature now, which adds to his character development. (Source: Instagram)

Among many characters who were much loved by the audiences on their TV screen, Freddie Benson remains one of them.

Not only his fun personality, but another thing that stood out about Freddie’s character was his involvement in various extracurricular activities.

Fast forward to 2021, in the revival of the show iCarly, Freddie is in a completely different phase of his life.

In this season, Freddie is seen as one of the key characters who help Carly film her iCarly content.

He is a genius in the revival, which has successfully created an app named ‘Kevin.’

From which he successfully reached a career milestone after he decided to sell it.

In season three of the revival, a very interesting story begins to take place.

Not only is he the permanent iCarly web show helper, but in this season, Freddie and iCarly can be seen falling in love with each other.

Freddie Looks Very Different Now Than His Icarly Days

Talking about the actor who plays Freddie Benson, Nathan Kress, iCarly has helped Nathan’s career in a very huge way.

But it also fueled his presence in other TV sales and films.

Frddie icarly now
Many fan’s dreams are coming true to see Freddie and Icarly together. (Source: Instagram)

With the experience of being on the set of such a huge show like iCarly, Nathan was confident about exploring his talent in the directorial route.

He has directed many popular TV series like Henry Danger and Game Shakers.

Moreover, Nathan is also a father now and has a loving family of himself.

While many may feel surprised to see the changes in Freddie as a character in iCarly, his physical changes do not go unnoticed.

Unlike now, in the original iCarly series, Freddie is shown as a guy who is physically weaker and easily overpowered by his friends.

As the series progressed, Freddie’s character was also shown to have more strength, even accidentally ripping a doorknob off in an episode.

Freddie icarly kid
Nathan is now a father and has grown a lot as a person. (Source: Instagram)

Coming back to 2023, we can see Freddie has evolved even more.

He now has flatter hair with a beard, which makes him look even more mature, and currently, he has let his beard go and rocks a clean-shaven look.

Further, he has bulked up with bigger biceps and a larger chest than his original ICarly days.

As an actor in the present day, Nathan Kress continues to be a prominent figure in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Also, he is busy doing many other famous roles and serving as a director.

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