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Gannibal: Who Is Riho Yoshioka? Husband Family And Net Worth

Actress Riho Yoshioka is from Japan. She gained notoriety after being cast in the 2016 NHK television series Here Comes Asa.

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Her performance in the 2019 movie Mienai Mokugeki-sha and Parallel universe love tale earned her the Newcomer of the Year Award at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize.

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Gannibal: Who Is Riho Yoshioka? Her Husband Details

Riho Yoshioka is an Actress best recognized for her roles in XxxHolic, Inherit the Stars, and The Stars My Destination (2022).

Yoshioka, then 18 years old, was introduced to acting when a friend at Doshisha University invited her to a little theater.

After that, she continued participating in independent projects and made her first-ever movie debut as an extra in “Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer.”

Riho Yoshioka
Riho Yoshioka is an Actress. (Source: Instagram)

She enrolled at a performing arts school in Tokyo to pursue acting while taking calligraphy classes at Kyoto Tachibana University because Tokyo serves as the production center for popular TV dramas and movies.

She relocated to Tokyo to start her acting career after receiving her degree from Kyoto Tachibana University in 2015.

She is not married to speak of her husband. Her relationship should be discussed more in detail online, too.

Riho Yoshioka Family Details

Yoshioka Riho, a Japanese Actress and model, was born on January 15, 1993. Yoshioka was raised with exposure to a variety of arts and cultures, including film, theatre, Kabuki, Noh, Japanese dance, classical music, and Rakugo.

She was born in Uzumasa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, where the renowned Toei Kyoto Studio Park is located. His parent’s name is not mentioned anywhere on the internet.

The general public first noticed her for her role as Tamura Nobu in the 2015 anime film Asadora “Asa ga Kita,” in which she portrayed Chiyo, the heroine Asa’s daughter, as her friend.

Riho Yoshioka
Riho Yoshioka participated in multiple indie projects and received her first-ever screen appearance. (Source: Instagram)

Yoshioka was cast in Kudo Kankuro’s Drama “Yutori Desu ga Nani ka” as one of the supporting roles in 2016, followed by the dramas “Death Cash” and “Medical Team: Lady Da Vinci no Shindan.”

Her outstanding performance in the following film, “Quartet,” earned her the title of “Best Supporting Actress” at the 92nd Television Drama Academy Award and improved her standing in the business.

Since then, she has started to get leading parts in renzoku plays and films.

Net Worth of Yoshioka Riho

According to various trustworthy online sources, Riho Yoshioka’s estimated net worth is $5M.

Yoshioka was picked as the top performer in each age group polled by Oricon in 2017, earning her the title of “Top Actress Who Made A Breakthrough This Year.”

She was selected as “VOGUE JAPAN Women of the Year 2017” in the same year. She was also given the “2018 Newcomer of the Year” honor at the 42nd Elan d’Or Awards ceremony.

Riho Yoshioka
Riho Yoshioka is an amazing Japanese Actress. (Source: Instagram)

She received the “Newcomer of the Year” award at the 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize in 2020 for her roles in “Blind Witness” and “Parallel World Love Story.”

Additionally, Yoshioka hosts the J-WAVE radio show UR LIFESTYLE COLLEGE.

She enjoys watching Shinpa, a new Japanese school theater, and playing with cats. A-Team Inc. is her agent, a business connected to the performing arts college she attended.

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