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Garry Kief Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age: Meet Barry Manilow Husband

As the longtime manager of Barry Manilow, Garry Kief has sparked intrigue on the internet, with people actively searching for details about him on Wikipedia, given his marriage to the iconic musician.

Garry Kief is the chief executive officer of Barry Manilow Productions and president of Stiletto Entertainment Group.

The two met in 1978 when Garry Kief was a TV executive, and Barry Manilow was already an established singer.

Soon after they met, Houston-based Garry became Barry’s manager, moved to Los Angeles, and is holding his position as a manager.

Additionally, Garry Kief and Barry Manilow tied the knot in April 2014, and their happy marriage grabbed people’s interest, leading them to look him up on Wikipedia.

Garry Kief Wikipedia: Age And Net Worth Of The Manager

Despite being a manager and spouse of a renowned musician, Wikipedia has yet to dedicate a page for Garry Kief.

Nevertheless, we have come up with this article to give you a peek at personal details about his life.

Garry kief's twitter profile picture.
Garry Clayton Kief has been the President and CEO of Stiletto Entertainment Group since 1981. (Source: Twitter)

Garry Clayton Kief is 75 years old and was born on August 31, 1948, in Houston, Texas.

He has not disclosed his parents’ and previous wife’s names online.

Kief studied marketing, public relations, journalism, and broadcast journalism during his bachelor’s degree.

Moreover, he also appears to have been an exemplary student who engaged in extracurricular activities.

The Texas native earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California.

Since 1981, he has also managed several celebrities as the CEO and President of Stiletto Entertainment.

Additionally, as the manager and head of Barry Manilow Production, Garry is widely recognized for contributing to the success of musician Barry.

Garry Kief with his pack of reindeer
Garry has one daughter, Kirsten, who was just a year old when the couple first met. (Source: Twitter)

Before Garry Kief met Barry Manilow, he was a television executive.

Soon after they met, he became the musician’s manager and relocated to Los Angeles.

Later, Garry married Barry Manilow in April 2014, after same-sex marriage became legal in California.

Garry Kief’s net worth is believed to exceed $10 million.

However, their marriage and continued companionship prompted people to search for information about Garry Kief on Wikipedia.

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Manager Turned Husband: Garry And Barry Manilow

Garry Kief met Barry Manilow in 1978 while he was still a TV executive, and Barry was a renowned singer.

In 1964, Barry Manilow married his high-school sweetheart Susan Deixler and cherished his wife deeply during that period.

His immaturity and the allure of a music career hindered their relationship, and it was unrelated to issues of sexual orientation.

Garry Kief and Barry Manilow in a suit.
There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to Garry Kief. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Garry Kief and Barry Manilow tied the knot in 2014 after same-sex marriage became legal in California.

His sexual orientation and their relationship were kept under wraps until the couple’s marriage made news in 2015.

Manilow preferred that their relationship stay out of the spotlight as he feared it would disappoint his female fan base.

Nevertheless, Barry Manilow officially came out as gay in public during an interview with People in April 2017. 

Fans expressed support rather than disappointment after he came out as gay.

Garry Kief and Barry Manilow joyfully share a marriage and have collectively raised Garry’s daughter, Kristen.

The couple have been together for more than 40 years, making fans interested in Garry, hence searching for his Wikipedia page.

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