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Is Gary Lineker Sick? Health Update- Death Hoax Debunked

Gary Lineker’s public admission that he has been experiencing memory loss has led some to wonder if he is sick.

Lineker, who played for England and several clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, and Leicester City, has advocated for raising awareness of the link between football and dementia. 

In 2020, he participated in a documentary called “Football’s Silent Shame,” which explored the impact of heading the ball on players’ long-term brain health.

Despite rumors on social media about his death, Lineker is alive and well and continues to use his platform to raise awareness of this critical issue.

Gary Lineker Sick: What Happened To Him?

Fans have questioned whether Gary Lineker is sick after publicly revealing that he had had memory loss.

Gary Lineker, a legendary player for Leicester City, admitted he could “barely recall” many of the goals he scored throughout his illustrious career, raising concerns about his health.

Gary admitted openly regarding his health as part of a unique audience event. (Source: leicestermercury.co.uk)

Although dementia and its surrounding issues were not expressly addressed in Gary’s candid conversation, the connection between the disease and football is well-recognized. Studies have shown that players are more prone to develop Alzheimer’s than the general population, and five members of England’s 1966 World Cup-winning squad passed away.

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Gary Lineker believed that while representing England in 1988, he may have caught a dangerous sickness. When he felt unwell while representing his nation in West Germany, he became terrified and complained of feeling heavy, achy limbs.

Gary Lineker Health Update

Former professional footballer and current TV presenter Gary Lineker have recently been in the news regarding his health.

The 60-year-old has spoken publicly about his concerns over developing dementia, which affects many former professional football players.

Mike Oxmaul’s tweet highlights Gary Lineker’s concerns about his memory loss. (Source: Twitter)

In an interview with The Sun, Lineker revealed that he had been experiencing memory loss, a common symptom of dementia. He said he had noticed a decline in his ability to remember names and faces and occasional episodes of confusion.

Lineker has called for more research into the link between football and dementia and greater support for former players living with the condition.

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He has also urged current players to take precautions, such as wearing head guards during training, to reduce their risk of developing dementia in the future.

Gary Lineker Death Hoax Debunked

Death hoaxes have been circulating on social media platforms that English football legend, Gary Lineker, has passed away. 

The rumors started after he sparked health fears in the media due to his recent weight loss. However, clarifying that these rumors are false and Gary Lineker is alive and well is essential.

The former footballer, now a successful sports broadcaster, had previously expressed concern over his weight loss on social media, citing a change in his diet. He had also undergone a routine medical check-up, which revealed no severe health issues.

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Despite this, some social media users took the news of his weight loss as a sign that he may be seriously ill, leading to rumors of his death. However, Gary Lineker has taken to Twitter to dispel the rumors and reassure his fans that he is alive and well.


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