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[Warning] Watch Gary Plauche Video, YouTube: Did He Go To Jail?

Gary Plauche is the name that made many headlines in the mid-80s when he publicly killed a man named Jeff Doucet, the video of the incident is going viral. Did he go to jail?

Jeff was the person who had kidnapped and molested Gary Plauche’s son Jodie.

What makes this case extremely famous is the fact that the killing of Jeff Douchet by Gary Plauche is in a video for everyone to see.

A local news crew was able to film the whole incident on their ENG videotape.

While some people support Gary Plauche for his decision to shoot the rapist of his son, other people say he should not have done it.

Even after decades of the incident many people on the Internet still talk about it because of the viral video of Gary Plauche.

Gary Plauche Viral Video: Father Takes Drastic Action to Protect Son from Molester

Gary Plauche was a normal American father and a family man who had unfortunately separated from his wife.

Despite having his family divided into two he was still a big part of his children’s life.

Before he had shot Jeff Doucet to death he had given an interview with the television crew about the kidnapping of his son.

Gary Plauche video
Gary Plauche’s video even after more than 4 decades is going viral on various social media platforms. (Source: Twitter)

He expressed how helpless he felt knowing what his son was going through for over a year.

Gary Plauche’s son Jody was being sexually abused by his karate instructor Jeffrey Doucette for at least a year.

It was when Jeff Doucet kidnapped Jodie and took him to a motel where he sexually assaulted and molested him everyone got to know the real truth.

He was caught after he let Jody call his mother from the motel.

This led to his arrest and Jeff was ready for the trial.

However, before the judges could decide his fate Gary Plauche took things into his own hands.

Gary Plauche had learned that Jeff Doucet was to arrive at the Baton Rouge metropolitan airport for the trial on the 16th of March 1984.

Not only him but a news crew from WBRZ news company was also waiting for Jeff to record his arrival.

Gary Plauche was in disguise to not let anyone know that he was there.

Jeff Doucet
Gary had an immense trust in Jeff Doucet but he was not deserving of it. (Source: Twitter)

As Jeff Doucet made it to the airport, the news crew started recording him.

In the video, we can see Jeff passing right through Gary Plauche before he finally shoots him.

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Dad Shoots Man in Head on Camera: Shocking Video Reveals Airport Justice – Did Gary Plauche Go To Jail?

The video shows that Gary Plauche had shot Jeff on the right side of his head at point-blank range.

The crew continues filming the video as Jeff falls onto the floor.

He was bleeding from the gunshot wound close to his right ear area.

The video then shifts to Gary Plauche where he finally puts down the telephone receiver before police catch him.

Gary plauche now
Gary’s son Jody looks up to him very much to this day. (Source: Twitter)

The police recognize him and ask him, “Gary why? Why? Gary.”

After this incident, Jeff Doucet fell into a coma and died the next day.

Now the question that many people are curious about is whether Gary Plauche was on arrest after the incident.

According to the reports he was initially on arrest and had second-degree murder charges against him.

However, he was able to get a plea deal due to a public appeal.

He was then found guilty of manslaughter and got a seven-year provisionary sentence along with counseling.

After a few years, Gary Plauche went through a major stroke affecting his ability to speak.

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