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[SPOILER] One Piece: Gear 5 Vs Kizaru! Who Wins? Chapter 1092 Prediction

The manga is at the crux of many crucial events as it has officially commenced an intense clash between Gear 5 and Kizaru. Gear 5 Vs Kizaru is among the growing rages amongst One Piece Fans. 

Monkey D Luffy and Admiral Kizaru are integral characters in One Piece. They are powerful characters with intense battle experience and knowledge.

The battle between the two is set during One Piece Chapter 1090.

In this, Luffy, his crew, and Dr. Vegapunk plan to escape from Egghead. However, Luffy senses the presence of a powerful man, thanks to his Observation Haki.

Upon knowing this, Luffy activates Gear 5 to confront the powerholder, the admiral Kizaru.

Meanwhile, fans are already aware of the Gear 5, which is the most ridiculous transformation of Luffy.

With Gear 5, Luffy can take his fighting potential to its peak. Further, he can even achieve feats like running in the air. So what interesting is going to happen when Gear 5 vs Kizaru appears?

One Piece: Gear 5 Vs Kizaru! Who Wins?

In One Piece 1090, Admiral Kizaru and Gorosei Saturn move to kidnap Dr. Vegapunk and destroy his research. Luffy is seen as a threat, and Saturn is ordered to remove him.

Kizaru has a deep-rooted lack of mercy towards Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew. This is why, in Chapter 1091, Kizaru runs down to Luffy for a fight after defeating Santomaru.

Kizaru with his hands in his pocket
Kizaru appears in the shade of light to fight against Luffy (Source: Instagram)

Regarding a face-off of Gear 5 vs Kizaru, it seems to favor Gear 5. Prior to Luffy obtaining Gear 5, though, Luffy was afraid of going up against Kizaru.

Kizaru initially could transform himself into light thanks to his devil fruit. This led to the Straw Hats almost being wiped out.

Gear 5 Vs Kizaru! Who Wins?

However, a matchup of Gear 5 vs Kizaru would lean heavily towards Gear 5.

Having unlocked Gear 5, Luffy has obtained some serious abilities that could defeat Kizaru.

If we break down their abilities, the physical power would side with Luffy.

Especially with the far better defensive capabilities that Luffy now possesses with Gear 5.

Luffy Gear 5 transformation from the beginning
Luffy transforms to Gear 5 to fight with Kizaru and protect his crew.

One aspect that Gear 5 vs Kizaru still lands on the side of the Admiral is in terms of weaponry. Being the admiral, Kizaru is better off using weapons than Luffy.

The end of Chapter 1091 ended at the start of this epic fight. In the subsequent chapter, this promised a much-awaited one-on-one battle of Gear 5 Vs Kizaru.

Chapter 1092 will release on 17th September, and people expect an even more heated battle. The series is now heading towards the Elbaf Arc.

This would bring up the battle over two years in the making. Kizaru triumphed the last time with Gear 5 not being there with Luffy.

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Chapter 1092 Prediction

Fans have been speculating that this chapter will have some heated dialogue exchange between the two. Netizens are expecting Kizaru to mock Luffy.

Luffy, in retaliation, is likely to indicate that they no longer require a safety net, unlike the last time they faced one.

Although fans would love to see a full-blown battle, they also speculate it will not happen.

One Piece fans might have to wait for that visual spectacle as the episode will likely focus on Vegapunk and others in the Labo Phase.

Luffy i shsowing his original look before Gear 5 vs Kizaru occurs
Luffy is originally a funny leader, but once he gets serious, nothing can stop him.

As Kaku is imprisoned, everyone expects him to find a way to break out of his bubble prison.

This would add an interesting dynamic to the ongoing fights.

Another speculation is that Chapter 1092 will set up some major developments ahead. This could include a focus on Saint Jaygarcia Saturn and the Marines.

This, in turn, would mean a forthcoming danger to the Egghead Island shortly.

Military force coming up against the Egghead Island is also something everyone is expecting.

Regardless, this shall build more anticipation for the Gear 5 vs Kizaru faceoff. This will keep the fans glued to the edge of their seats for what’s to come.

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