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Is Geert Wilders Racist? Gay Rumors True Or False

Geert Wilders racist news is again in the limelight, and here’s everything you need to know about his gay rumors, too.

Geert Wilders is a well-known Dutch politician who has led the Party for Freedom (PVV) since he founded the party in 2006.

Besides, Wilders is the party’s leader in the House of Representatives and has also held a parliamentary seat since 1998.

Furthermore, he has been involved in various controversies throughout his life.

Meanwhile, Geert has been charged in relation to incitement multiple times. He was first accused of criminally insulting religious and ethnic groups and instigating hatred and discrimination.

Apart from that, Wilders is again in the media prominence as people on social media are saying that he is racist and they want to know more about Geert’s racial remark.

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Is Geert Wilders Racist?

Many people on social media have claimed that Geert Wilders is a racist. As said earlier, he has been involved in various controversies in the past, and people want to know everything.

In 2021, Turkish officials reacted angrily to Wilders after he made disparaging comments about Islam at the start of Ramadan.

Geert Wilders Racist
Geert Wilders has been involved in various controversies, and many people claim that he is a racist. (Source: Yahoo News)

Geert shared a short video on Twitter attacking Islam and the Muslim holy month. Following that, Turkey’s ruling AK Party spokesman, Omer Celik, accused Wilders of having a racist and fascist mind.

Not only that, but Turkey’s Communications Director, Fahrettin Altun, also condemned Geert’s remarks.

It was not the first time Geert made comments about religion, as he was insulting religious and ethnic groups.

Geert Wilders Gay Rumors True Or False

Geert Wilders is in the media prominence as many rumors regarding his sexuality have circulated on social media. Online users are speculating that Wilders is gay, but there is no truth about it.

In the same way, many people have created threads on social media, including Reddit, to discuss the topic of Geert’s sexuality.

Geert Wilders Gay Rumors
Geert Wilders is not gay, but the rumors about his sexuality have left many people confused on the internet sources. (Source: The Independent)

A person on Reddit wrote, “Just saw him speak, and my gaydar went off.

Then I googled his positions, and unlike many right-wingers, he purports to be tolerant of homosexuality to demonize Muslims.”

Apart from that, Wilders has spent years arguing that Islam menaced gay rights in the country that gave marriage equality to the world. More facts about his sexuality have been shared below.

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Geert Wilders Sexuality Explored

Geert Wilders is a straight man, but the topic of his sexuality has left online users confused. As said earlier, social media users speculated that Geert may be gay.

It is just a rumor that came into the limelight without any truth. It appears that Wilders supports the LGBTQ+ community, which may be why the gossip was created.

Geert Wilders Sexuality
Geert Wilders is a straight man who is married to his wife, Krisztina Wilders. (Source: Brisbane Times)

Despite all the news, Wilders himself has not said anything yet. Meanwhile, he is a married man living a happy life with his wife, who is named Krisztina Wilders.

According to an online report, his wife, Krisztina, is a former diplomat from Hungary of Jewish origin. The married couple have remained together for a long time and have supported each other. 


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