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Genesse Ivonne Moreno Son: Where And How Is The 7-Year-Old?

This week, Genesse Ivonne Moreno made headlines when she entered Lakewood Church and began shooting, resulting in her death and leaving her seven-year-old son injured. So where and how is he? Let us find out!

Genesse Ivonne Moreno, a 36-year-old woman from El Salvador, shot at Lakewood Church, causing a commotion.

She is known by Jeffrey Escalante and many other names as well.

Likewise, she is also categorized as an immigrant to the United States from her teens.

However, with a recent shooting incident,  Genesse is identified as the suspect who opened fire at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church.

Her mental health history and antisemitic writings uncovered during the investigation contribute to the complexity.

Looking at the history, Genesse had a criminal record since 2005 and authorities had previously arrested her under Jeffery Escalante alias.

Nevertheless,  the incident at Lakewood Church shocked the community and attracted considerable media coverage.

The investigation into the shooting remains ongoing as authorities gather further information about Genesse Ivonne Moreno and her son.

Genesse Ivonne Moreno Son: Where And How Is The 7-Year-Old?

Amidst to the shooting that occurred this week, the involvement of Genesse Ivonne Moreno and her son is the utmost burning news.

So where and how is the seven-year-old son now? Let us find out below in this article.

Genesse Ivonne Moreno’s seven-year-old son sustained a head injury, but it’s uncertain who fired the shot, say police.

The young boy, who suffered a gunshot wound to the head, is currently in critical condition at Texas Children’s Hospital.

He remains in critical condition, as authorities have identified him immediately following the shooting incident.

Genesse Ivonne Moreno image.
The incident in Lakewood Church also involved her shooting a 57-year-old man. (Source: Instagram)

Authorities disclosed specifics about the shooting and the victim’s condition during a press conference on February 11th.

Meanwhile, the shooting happened in a hallway, and off-duty officers quickly responded with gunfire after Moreno opened fire.

Eventually, authorities declared Genesse Ivonne Moreno dead just 14 minutes after she arrived at the church.

Later, authorities found two weapons, including the AR-15 used in the shooting, and a rifle.

Further, the details of Genesse Ivonne Moreno and her son remain confidential for legal purposes.

Nevertheless, the masses urge us to explore the 11th Feb incident to understand Genesse Ivonne Moreno and her son’s condition.

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Exploring The Entire Incident Of Genesse Ivonne Moreno In Lakewood Church

As the incident at Lakewood Church is the hot topic of discussion this week, the masses are in search of the reason behind it.

Around 1 pm on Sunday, February 11th, Genesse drove to the Houston church with her seven-year-old son.

She was carrying a bag and clad in a trench coat and entered the building from the west side with the boy.

Authorities stated that once inside, she discharged an AR-15 with a sticker reading Palestine on the firearm’s butt.

Moreover, two off-duty police officers confronted her and fatally shot her in return fire.

police gathered at the shooting incident place for the investigation on genesse Ivonne Moreno and her son.
Genesee Ivonne Moreno has many alternate names for her criminal deeds. (Source: The U.S Sun)

Furthermore, along with her son, she injured a 57-year-old man in the leg, who has already been released from the hospital.

Authorities reported that the shooter had two weapons: an AR-15 used during the incident and a .22 caliber rifle.

However, the motive for the shooting remains unclear, as authorities continue their investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, police found anti-Semitic writings they believe connected to a family dispute with Moreno’s ex-husband’s Jewish relatives.

Nevertheless, Genesse Ivonne Moreno’s case underscores mental health, identity, and violence complexities in a tragic event.

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