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Genesse Ivonne Moreno Wiki: Meet The Lakewood Church Shooter

The Internet has bloomed with Wiki searches of Genesse Ivonne Moreno after she was identified as The Lakewood Church shooter, as netizens are curious to know her further details. Find more in this article.

Genesse Ivonne Moreno was a 36-year-old woman recognized as the Lakewood Church Shooter.

While investigating, officials discovered that she was a patient with Schizophrenia and was under medication for quite some time before she committed a crime. 

Before all her criminal activities, Genesse was married to Enrique Carranza III. The couple has a 7-year-old son, Sam.

In 2022, the two filed for a divorce and also fought a child custody battle.

But whatever her aspects are, Genesse Ivonne Moreno rose to prominence for her criminal history, which interested netizens on her Wiki page.

Crime Of Genesse Ivonne Moreno: Sneak Peek Into The Incident of The Lakewood Church

Netizens are curiously searching about Genesse Ivonne Moreno on the Wiki page after the shooting incident took place in the Lakewood church on the Wiki page.

However, there is no dedicated Wiki page for Genesse Ivone Moreno. But, no worry, here we have the details.

Genesse went to The Lakewood Church with a gun along with her son. She was in a black trench coat where she hid the gun at the time.

Further, she confronted a security guard in the Lakewood church shortly before 2 pm on Sunday, February 11.

According to the investigators, she had shown the gun to the security guard and forced her way into the church.

Moreover, Genesse entered the sports arena between the Lakewood church service and started firing.

The Lakewood Church Building
Pastor Joel Osteen preaches in The Lakewood Church. (Source: CNN)

She had fired around 30 bullets with an AR-platform rifle, which had Palestine written on it, says one of the investigators.

Furthermore, according to police, she also carried a 22-caliber rifle, which she did not use during the shooting.

In the meantime, two off-duty officers in the church who had less than 5 years of service were present. 

So, when Genesse Ivonne Moreno started firing, these two officers also fired. During the gunfire exchange on Sunday afternoon, she died.

Along with her, her 7-year-old son and another 57-year-old man got critically injured.

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Genesse Ivonne Moreno Wiki: Criminal History And Mental Illness

People on the internet are looking out for the Wiki page of Genesse Ivonne Moreno to learn about her criminal history.

Addressing the curiosity, Genesse had her first criminal case registered in 2005, for which she had received a 20-day sentence in Harris County Jail.

Four years later, in 2009, Genesse assaulted a detention officer and kicked him, and for that, officials imprisoned her for 180 days.

Moreover, in 2010, authorities arrested her three times for different crimes, including stealing hats and makeup.

Besides, in 2022, police found an illegal weapon in Genesse’s custody, leading to them filing a case against her.

Genesse Ivonne Moreno Old picture
Genesse claimed to be a real estate agent. (Source: Instagram)

Further, officials began an investigation into her case and discovered that she had been dealing with severe mental illness.

Besides, her ex-husband Enrique has also mentioned that she was very abusive and aggressive.

As per him, Genesse also had Lupus but stopped taking medications and continued taking other drugs. That significantly contributed to her abuse, resulting in their separation. 

Now, she is no longer alive, but hopefully, her story persuades people to take their mental health seriously.

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