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Yes, George Santos Is Gay But Was Married To Wife Uadla Vieira Santos

There have been numerous reports about George Santos and his sexuality, with many claiming he is gay.

Santos has been caught lying lately, as he recently admitted to lying about his career and college information.

George Santos is an American politician serving as a United States representative for New York’s third Congressional district.

He is a member of the Republican Party who worked in finance in New York and Florida for seven years before his election.

After unsuccessfully running for Congress in 2020, George Santos was successful in 2022, getting elected to the open seat in the 2022 election.

He is the first Brazilian-American to be elected to the United States Congress, born to Brazilian immigrant parents.

There is a lot of gossip about Santos’ marriage life and the identity of his partner. Let’s find out about his personal life and rumors.

Is George Santos Gay? Married To Uadla Vieira

George Santos’ sexuality is often disputed among netizens, with many claiming he is gay.

However, Santos was married to a woman before. He was married to a Brazilian woman named Uadla Vieira until 2019.

uadla vieira
George Santos was married to Uadla Vieira until 2019. (Source: DailyMail)

According to records, George Santos and Uadla Vieira got married in 2012. It is unclear how much time the two were together.

There is not much information about Uadla Vieira except a photograph of her in a car with a baby girl published by the Daily Mail. Her relationship with the girl is not disclosed.

However, The Daily Beast reported that the Republican was granted an uncontested divorce in September 2019 in Queens County.

This revelation led to controversy about Santos’ sexuality claim as he said that he was a gay person during his election Campaign.

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Who Is George Santos Partner?

During the 2022 election Campaign, George Santos said that he is gay and is married to his husband, whose name he did not disclose.

However, Daily Beast revealed that there is not any record of that marriage, claiming that Santos has yet again lied about his personal life.

george santos fiance
George Santos and his fiance pose for a picture at Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve. (Source: DailyMail)

Santos posted pictures of him with his fiance on his Instagram. The couple was attending Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve in December 2020. 

In the following post, he wrote that his fiance is a pharmacist recently fired from his job. 

He mentioned that he had to leave his House with his fiance and four dogs due to a New York Times publishing his attending the Party.

However, apart from that picture of the two together at the party, there is nothing that supports Santos’ claims that he was married to a man.

George Santos Admits Lying About His Resume

New York’s representative George Santos was in the middle of a massive controversy over lying about his resume.

Santos reportedly lied about key facts about his career and education on his resume during the election Campaign in 2022.

George Santos Gay
George Santos is seen giving a speech. (Source: The New Yorker)

The Republican’s official biography read that he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Baruch College.

However, Baruch College disputed those claims, claiming no records of George Santos, who graduated in 2010 from their college.

Santos also confessed to lying about his career experience. He said that he had never worked for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

Instead, the 34-year-old clarified that he worked at Link Bridge, which helps make capital introductions between clients and investors.

Talking about his involvement with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, Santos said that those companies were Limited Partnerships (LPS) that Link Bridge dealt with.

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