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George Santos Kid: Is The Black Baby His Own Child?

George Santos became the talk of the town for holding the black baby; now, people are questioning if it was his kid or not. Let’s uncover the truth.

George Anthony Devolder Santos briefly held the position of U.S. representative for New York’s 3rd congressional district in 2023 as a Republican.

Additionally, he set a milestone by becoming the first openly LGBTQ Republican to be elected to Congress without prior incumbency.

However, within weeks of his election, reports suggested he might have fabricated parts of his life story.

Further, George stated that he grew up in a basement apartment in Jackson Heights, Queens, as the child of immigrants.

However, people became more curious about his personal life when George Santos commented about having a kid during his interview with Ziwe on December 18.

Does George Santos Have A Kid? His Personal Life

Many have questioned George Santos about his current life partner and whether he has any kids.

George Santos openly identifies as gay; however, he was previously married to a Brazilian woman from 2012 to 2019.

Yet, even after being married for nearly eight years, George Santos and his wife did not welcome a kid.

George Santos standing alongside his husband and smiling
George Santos was dating a man while still living with his wife. (Source: Twitter)

On the other hand, even though he was in a relationship with his wife, he claimed to have been dating a man since 2013.

In 2020, George revealed that he lived with a partner named Matheus Gerard.

He later referred to Matheus Gerard as his husband, stating they wed in November 2021.

Similarly, George faced extensive questioning about his personal life and potential husband for a long time.

Later, he disclosed details about his husband, Matt, in November 2022 via his Twitter account.

Furthermore, George Santos faced expulsion from the House of Representatives.

In September, he mentioned his spouse, “Matt,” by name while offering condolences to the family of a deceased senator.

George making a face
Two 2023 federal indictments allege 23 fraud-related charges against George. (Source: Reddit)

Nevertheless, George Santos and Matt are living a happy married life; however, many netizens are concerned about whether they plan on having a kid.

As George, being gay, has never indicated opposition to having children, an interviewer asked him if he was interested in adopting a black child. 

Despite facing 23 fraud-related charges and pleading not guilty, many believe George Santos would make an excellent father.

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Does George Santos Want A Black Baby?

George Santos grabbed attention when he shouted at reporters while holding a 2-month-old baby during a small protest on Capitol Hill.

The camera captured him yelling at pro-Palestinian protesters in the Longworth House Office Building while holding the infant.

After the incident, people raised questions about whether the child he held was his, which was not true.

Likewise, George Santos clarified that the kid he carried in Congress belonged to a staffer. 

Meanwhile, in an interview with Ziwe, George expressed his desire to become a father and mentioned the possibility of using a surrogate.

George meltdown face in crowd of reporter
George Santos had a meltdown while holding a mystery baby. (Source: Reddit)

When questioned about the baby he was carrying, George responded, “Not yet,” clarifying later that he meant he wasn’t a parent at that moment.

Likewise, during an interview with comedian Ziwe, George clarified his earlier claim of being half-black.

However, investigations revealed that despite being the son of Brazilian immigrants, George is not biracial.

When Ziwe asked if he would consider adopting a Black child given his biracial upbringing, George replied that he wasn’t against the idea.

However, George prioritizes his career over starting a family at the moment.

Additionally, he hinted that despite facing 23 federal charges, he might run for office again.

Moreover, he said he might switch from a Republican to an Independent, emphasizing the need for the country’s independent voices.

At 35, George expressed confidence in his political future, stating he would outlive his older House colleagues.

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