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Georgia Hunter Wikipedia: Meet We Were The Lucky Ones Author

As the author of We Were The Lucky Ones, Georgia Hunter began gaining attention from a wide range of audiences, prompting searches on Wikipedia for her professional and personal life details. 

We Were The Lucky Ones’ author, Georgia Hunter, was interested in writing from a very young age.

She penned her first book at age four and named it after her father’s published sci-fi novel.

And from that time, people have admired her for her writing and storytelling skills. 

In this way, she remained motivated as a writer and later published many of her writings and books.

Her first published work was an article about how she would spend her last day if all life on earth were about to end. She published it in the local paper.

Likewise, at the age of 15, when Georgia Hunter completely learned the truth about her family., she wrote a book, We Were The Lucky Ones, where she uncovered her family’s staggering history. 

Consequently, people’s interest in the life of Georgia Hunter started increasing, leading to heightened searches for her Wikipedia page.

Georgia Hunter Wikipedia: Sneek Peak Into Her Personal Life

People have relied on the Wikipedia page to gain insight into the professional and personal life of Georgia Hunter.

However, to date, the Wikipedia page has not featured Georgia Hunter. Consequently, limited information about her is available on the internet.

Georgia Hunter was born in 1978 in Massachusetts and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Georgia hugging her mother in beach
Georgia and her grandmother shared her birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Georgia is the daughter of Isabelle Hunter and Tom Hunter. Sadly, her father, Tom, is no longer alive as he passed away on December 27, 2017, as mentioned on her Instagram.

Regarding her education, Georgia received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Virginia in 2000.

But, when it came to her career, she shifted to the field of marketing and branding. 

After seven years working in Seattle, Washington, she married her husband, Robert Farinhold and the two decided to head back east.

From their marriage, the pair have two sons, a blessing they cherish, and the family currently lives in Rowayton, Connecticut.

Alongside her family, Georgia also giving continuity to her professional life in Connecticut.

Georgia Hunter father smiling
Georgia’s parents were together for 78 year. (Source: Instagram)

She now freelances as a copywriter for adventure travel outfitters, including Austin Adventures and The Explorer’s Passage. 

Likewise, at a home on Martha’s Vineyard, Georgia Hunter heard tales of families during the Second World War.

After learning the story, she seized the opportunity to turn her family story into a novel which became a huge success in her professional life.

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Book Of Georgia, We Were The Lucky Ones: What Is The Story About?

We Were Lucky Ones was born of her quest to uncover her family’s staggering history. 

When Georgia Hunter was fifteen years old, she learned from her grandmother of her Jewish Heritage. Later, after six years, a family reunion lit the spark for her 2017 debut novel.

The reunion was hosted at her parent’s home, where her 30 relatives from North America, South America, Europe, and Israel attended.

Though they spoke in different languages like Portuguese, French, and English, they recited their family stories during the gatherings.

Old picture of Georgia's grandfather sitting in table with his sister
The story of the Georgia family came from the Second World War. (Source: Instagram)

There she learned that she came from a family of Holocaust survivors. It took Georgia Hunter nearly a decade to begin the saga of her grandfather and his four Kurn siblings. 

The tales of her family during the Second World War had a secret wedding and also women hiking through the Alps while pregnant. 

Additionally, there were fake identities used to hide in plain sight, and a baby was born in Siberia, where the cold was so intense that the infant’s eyes would be frozen shut in the morning.

For all these stories, Georgia Hunter didn’t expect to be the one to commit them to ink.

But about a decade later, she gave birth to We Were The Lucky Ones published on February 14, 2017.

Her inspiration behind the book was her grandfather Eddy(Addy) and his sister Halina, who used to share the same birthdate.

Additionally, publishers have released the book in 16 different languages worldwide.

The book grips readers with its blend of sadness, happiness, and a vivid portrayal of life during the Hitler regime.

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