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Gerald Wolfe Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Gospel Singer?

Rumor of Gerald Wolfe illness is spreading on the internet. What has happened to the Gospel singer?

Gerald Wolfe is an American Gospel singer better known as a Southern gospel trio Greater Vision member.

Wolfe and his friends formed the trio in 1990, and after over three decades, the group consists of him, Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman, and Jon Epley.

Greater Vision has produced several top songs on the Southern Gospel Charts and Radio and won the Singing News Awards.

Wolfe is 61 years old and constantly performs with his band at different churches across the United States.

He is a talented singer, pianist, and Master of Ceremonies who began his professional career at 17 with the Dumplin Valley Boys.

Later, he served as the pianist for the Cathedral Quartet from 1986 to 1988. Devout Christians, he and his family are members of First Baptist Church. 

Gerald Wolfe Illness And Health Update

American gospel singer Gerald Wolfe illness rumors are not true. He is doing fine and is pretty active these days.

The 61-year-old often gives his life updates on his social media profiles; looking at them, we can assure his well-wishers that Mr. Wolfe is doing fine. 

gerald wolfe illness
Gerald Wolfe is doing pretty well these days. (Source: Facebook)

However, Gerald’s wife, Donna, recently posted an update on her Instagram that she is sick. 

Donna informed her well-wishers that she had recently found out that she had several gallstones. 

Donna will therefore have gallbladder removal later in January. She expressed excitement about the procedure.

Wolfe is often on tour performing his gospel music with Greater Vision. Currently, he is on the Gospel Music Hymn sing tour in different churches in Florida.

The band is booked to perform on the Hawaii cruise by Gospel Music Celebration later in June.

Hence, it can be said with certainty that Gerald Wolfe did not have any illness or problems with his health.

There is often misinformation spread about celebrities’ personal life and health situations.

In August 2018, Wolfe tweeted that people were asking if he was doing fine after having throat surgery. However, he admitted to never having had any throat surgery.

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Gerald Wolfe Family Background

American gospel singer Gerald Wolfe was born to Mack Wolfe and Mrs. Wolfe on April 1, 1963, in Morristown, Tennessee, United States. 

The Wolfes are a Christian family that often goes to Church and performs hymns. They have very deep faith in god.

Gerald’s father, Mack, with whom he was very close, passed away in January 2018, aged 83. He had Parkinson’s disease dementia.

gerald father
Gerald Wolfe with his late father, Mack Wolfe. (Source: SGN Scoop)

On his passing, Gerald posted a tribute on his social media that his father was “the most consistent man I’ve ever met.”

There is not much information about Wolfe’s mother. The couple was married for 64 years before Mack passed away.

Gerald Wolfe is married to Donna Wolfe. The couple tied the knot in October 1986 and are strong after 36 years of togetherness.

Gerald and Donna are the parents of three children, Ben, Avery, and Casey Wolfe.

gerald family
Gerald Wolfe with his family on Christmas. (Source: Instagram)

Their son, Ben Wolfe, 30, is married to Maria Kramer Wolfe, and the couple is the parents of Elizabeth and Bennett Wolfe.

Avery, 27, is their second son, who is married to Sydni Wolfe. Their youngest child is a daughter Casey Wolfe, 20.

The 59-year-old serves on the Board of Directors at the National Quartet Convention. He has hosted several tv and radio events over the years.

Gerald Wolfe is on Instagram as @gerladwolfe and is followed by 11K people as of January 2023.

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