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Does Cobra Kai Cast Gianni DeCenzo Have Diabetes? Illness And Health Update, Family, Girlfriend

American actor Gianni DeCenzo was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a very young age of 15. 

Although he has been around for over a decade, Gianni DeCenzo got his much-deserved recognition for playing Demetri Alexopoulos in the YouTube Premium and Netflix series Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai is a new continuation of the legendary Karate Kid franchise. The fifth season is about to air on September 9, 2022.

Gianni DeCenzo Illness: Does He Have Diabetes?

Gianni DeCenzo has been living with Type 1 diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes since he was 13. He was formally diagnosed two years later when he was 15.

Type 1 diabetes is inherited, in contrast to Type 2 diabetes, which is more common in adults and has nothing to do with lifestyle. It is more prevalent in children and teenagers.

Gianni, however, has not let the disease take control of him. He does not shy away from his health condition and is very open and vocal about it.

He took to his social media to raise awareness about this chronic health condition on World Diabetes Day, sharing his own experience with the same. According to him, it is hard to have this illness, but it gets better with time.

Gianni Decenzo hospital
Gianni DeCenzo in the hospital with his dogs
Source: Instagram

Gianni DeCenzo Health Update In 2022

Gianni DeCenzo is doing perfectly well with constant posts and updates on his social media handles, including Instagram and Twitter. Among them, he is most active on Instagram.

The Cobra Kai actor is physically active and does workouts to keep himself fit and healthy. He also drinks diet coke instead of regular coke.

DeCenzo is currently found busy filming, going to movie premiers, and at other times, just having fun with his family and friends.

Gianni DeCenzo Cobra Kai
Gianni DeCenzo preparing for his role in Cobra Kai
Source: TV Insider

Furthermore, Gianni appreciates people with similar health conditions reaching out to him.

Gianni DeCenzo Family: Who Are His Parents?

Gianni DeCenzo was born on October 27, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, US. Both of his parents were actors. They met during an acting class, where his father proposed to his mother.

That is why he felt he was always meant to be an actor. We could say that acting runs in the family.

However, his parents’ names have not been disclosed.

He also has an older brother named Anthony DeCenzo. After the DeCenzo brothers were born, their parents stopped their acting careers and focused on raising them.

Gianni DeCenzo Family
Gianni DeCenzo (left) with his father and brother
Source: Twitter

DeCenzo’s ethnicity has never been revealed. However, based on his surname, we can deduce that he is Caucasian and from Sardinia, the Mediterranean Sea’s second largest island.

In 2011, DeCenzo made his on-screen debut with a short movie, The Lucky One. He has had over 19 movie or series appearances, including Liv and MaddieCoop and Cammi Ask the WorldNCIS, and Cobra Kai.

Gianni DeCenzo Girlfriend: Who Is Melissa Rivera?

Gianni has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Melissa Rivera for over two years. They have been together since 2019.

Nevertheless, their exact anniversary date is not precise. While Gianni shared an anniversary post on May 2, Melissa did so on November 3.

Gianni DeCenzo and Melissa Rivera
Gianni DeCenzo with his girlfriend Melissa Rivera
Source: Instagram

The duo frequently appears on each other’s Instagram and do a lot of traveling together.

Rivera turned 20 on April 7, 2022, which means she is almost the same age as her boyfriend Gianni, with just about 6 months of an age difference between them.

Gianni Is Not The Only One: Co-star Mary Mouser Also Has Diabetes

Gianni DeCenzo’s co-star from Cobra Kai, Mary Mouser, has also had a similar battle with diabetes. The American actress, who plays the role of Gianni’s teammate Samantha LaRusso, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in January 2021.

She confessed that she wears an insulin pump to keep the disease in control. At first, she used to be ashamed and tried to hide it. But over time, it grew on her, and she finds nothing wrong with it now.

Mary Mouser
Gianni DeCenzo co-star Mary Mouser
Source: Fandom

The original Karate Kid, starring Ralph Macchio, Elisabeth Shue, and William Zabka, came out in 1984, 17 years before Gianni DeCenzo was born. But because of his dad, he developed a special love for the movie.

Gianni’s chance to star in Cobra Kai became special for the father-son duo.

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