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Is Gino Jennings Arrested? Scandal Leading To Charges

Pastor Gino Jennings is under a lot of fire for his views and preachings but did he get arrested? Let’s find out the truth.

Gino Jennings is a prominent African-American religious leader who has been a beacon of faith for many.

His spiritual journey began at a young age, leading him to establish the First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. 

His teachings have helped his church grow from a small group in his parent’s basement to many locations around the world.

Even though he has been involved in some controversies, he continues to have a big impact on his church.

Currently, the believers are wondering if the news about Gino Jennings being arrested is true or not.

The news of Gino Jennings being arrested came as a surprise to many creating a frenzy.

Is Gino Jennings Arrested? Scandal Leading To Charges

Gino Jennings has garnered a cult following backed up by his religious views and preaching.

Lately, news has begun recirculating regarding Gino Jennings being arrested.

This, however, is a news piece from a while back which people have become interested in yet again.

Gino Jennings at the second night of 33rd International Holy Convocation
Gino Jennings was once attacked at a petrol station by a man. (Source: Twitter)

Although widely disputed, some portals report that Gino Jennings was arrested back in 2022.

However, many of his followers vehemently argue this news of the arrest is fake.

As per some websites, Gino Jennings was arrested on May 22, 2022, in Alabama.

Not only is the news of the arrest unverified, but the reason for the arrest is rather absurd.

The church's official page posting a birthday wish for their pastor Gino
Gino Jennings believes that he received a divine visitation from God after a period of prayers and fasting. (Source: Twitter)

As per unverified news, the authorities arrested him for the act of watering his neighbor’s flowers.

However, even this arrest has been the subject of question. The reason being that the man arrested claimed himself to be Gino Jennings.

Several of Gino Jennings’ followers though were claiming that this was not the real Gino Jennings. 

As of 2023, Gino Jennings is a free man following his passion for the church and the authorities have not arrested him again.

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Was Gino Jennings A Victim Of Racial Profiling? 

Racial profiling is a rather common phenomenon in the United States.

To date, people globally are witnessing the Black Lives Movement as a protest against these heinous acts.

In the case of Gino Jennings, since he was a black pastor the racial profiling was even more obvious.

The police approached him asking for identification while he was watering his neighbor’s garden.

Due to his past, Gino Jennings followers were worried he got arrested again
Gino Jennings believes that Christmas is a sin and a work of the devil. (Source: Twitter)

His refusal to provide identification ended up being the reason for his arrest. However, this incident raised questions about the conduct of the authorities. 

The news was quick to spark outrage as it was a reminder of the challenges that people from the Black community face.

Furthermore, there are some rumors that the police officers detained him quickly without much interrogation.

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What Are Some Controversies Surrounding The Pastor?

Religious leaders are no exceptions to controversies despite being preachers of peace and harmony.

And Gino Jennings has had a rocky path in his journey to spirituality.

He is facing criticism for his strict views and belief in his preaching. The pastor near-totally rejects women as clergy based on 1st Timothy 2:12.

Further, he adheres to a traditionally conservative dress code with head coverings, long skirts, or long dresses.

Gino Jennings during a sermon at his church
Gino Jennings established the fundamentalist and Holiness-Pentescostal denomination. (Source: Twitter)

In one of his sermons, he shamed women for wearing red lipstick, jewelry and wigs. 

Gino Jennings went on to address them as “hoes” and “prostitutes”. In response to the claims, he said he is only interpreting biblical modesty.

Furthermore, Gino Jennings is famous for denouncing the use of the term “Christianity”.

He believes that it is not a term from the Bible and believers should use terms such as “Holiness,” or the “religion of Holiness”.

Moreover, Gino Jennings is also facing criticism for being homophobic and Islamaphobic.  

Regardless of these controversies, Gino Jennings has followers who abide by his teachings worldwide. 

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