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Grant Williams Leak: VP of NBPA Circulating On Twitter, Reaction

Grant Williams is all over the news for his Snapchat leak; while his fans are making fun of the situation, others are questioning his position as VP of NBPA. 

NBA player Grant Williams is a huge deal in the American professional basketball scene.

At the age of 25 years, he has already achieved a lot in his basketball career.

From playing for the Boston Celtics to joining the Charlotte Hornets alongside Seth Curry, he has made a huge name for himself in the NBA.

He is also famous for being the first-ever vice president or VP for the NBPA, which stands for NBA’s player association.

However, currently, Grant Williams is all over the headlines not for his amazing basketball skills but for a leak that has made its way to the Internet.

NBA Star Grant Williams Nude Leak on Snapchat Sparks Controversy

In the currently surfacing leak of Grant Williams, he is without any clothes and holding his private parts.

It appears that he had sent the nude to someone named ‘Katherine’ on Snapchat.

Grant Williams Leak
Grant Williams is the subject of trolls and memes in the current moment after the surfacing of his leak. (Source: Twitter)

The caption reads, “Grant Williams in Katherine’s phone.”

Snapchat is an app which is often known as an app created for people to have secretive conversations.

Famous people like Grant Williams have been caught indulging in provocative conversations.

There is a feature on Snapchat in which the sender is notified about it when someone tries to screenshot the messages.

This is why celebrities find it safe to have conversations on Snapchat so that they are aware if someone tries to leak the conversation.

The person who made the leak viral seems to know about the feature.

They try to capture the nude pictures sent by Grant Williams through another phone camera instead of screenshotting it.

Grant Williams smiling during a game
Grant Williams is trending and does not seem to stop anytime soon. (Source: Twitter)

The identity of the person who is responsible for the leak of Grant Williams is not out yet.

However, the leaking of his naked picture has created a lot of conversations about the athlete.

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Fans Mock Grant Williams Snapchat Leak, Twitter Reacts; Controversy Surrounds VP

While his fans are making fun of him and are not taking this seriously, the fans of his opponent are trying to shame him.

They are pointing out his title of vice president of NBPA, saying that he does not deserve to be in that position.

People are retweeting the leak of Grant Williams and some are even making memes out of it.

Grant Williams holding a basketball
Fans are desperately waiting for Grant Williams to address the whole situation and give them an explanation. (Source: Twitter)

It looks like it will take some time before the buzz finally fades out.

Grant Williams has not made any statements regarding this situation about his leak.

It has also not been verified if the leak is real and not an AI’s work.

In this day and age, it is extremely hard to tell a real picture from something that is made using a computer tool.

We do not know if the leak will cost him his position as the VP of NBPA.

The association also has not made any comments on the situation as of yet.

Some predict that he will face a consequence others suggest that his personal matter should not affect his professional career.

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