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Guddu Muslim Net Worth Before Arrest: Is Atiq Ahmed Gang In Jail?

Guddu Muslim net worth has been searched widely on the internet as his name was the last thing Atiq Ahmed spoke before being shot to death.

Guddu Muslim is a bomb maker who worked with Atiq Ahmad, and he came into the media prominence as a key accused in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Furthermore, he is also recognized by his other name Bambaz Guddu and is infamous for his skill in making hand grenades. It is believed that he could make grenades even while riding a pillion on a moving motorcycle.

Police sources have said that Guddu was quite unusual in how he put together a bomb and could manage it in just 4 to 5 minutes. He would create the bomb while on the road and would carry the raw materials, including nails, shards, gunpowder, and jute twine.

Guddu Muslim Net Worth Before Arrest

Guddu Muslim may have a decent net worth as he earned a good amount of money from multiple sources. However, his actual fortune remains unknown as none of the media outlets have shared the fact yet.

Reportedly, Guddu used to earn money by forcing officers to give tenders in his favor. He has racked up a massive amount by working with many underworld criminals, including Dhananjay Singh, Abhay Singh, and Mukhtar Ansari. 

guddu muslim net worth
Guddu Muslim is an infamous bomb maker who is known for his involvement with the Atiq Ahmed gang. (Source: OP India)

Apart from that, Guddu has been working with Atiq Ahmed for the last ten years and from his cooperation with him, Guddu has undoubtedly earned a fair profit.

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Is Atiq Ahmed Gang Member Guddu Muslim In Jail?

According to various online sources, Guddu Muslim was arrested from Nashik in Maharashtra. None of the verified media outlets have shared the details regarding his arrest but social media reports have said the arrest occurred on April 16.

If Guddu has been arrested, then it can be said that he is in jail. However, more details regarding Guddu’s whereabouts it yet to get updated.

guddu muslim arrest
Guddu Muslim have reportedly been arrested and is in Police custody. (Source: Twitter)

As mentioned earlier, Guddu was associated with the Atiq Ahmed gang for a long time. While underground, he ran the Atiq Ahmed gang. 

Furthermore, Guddu’s name got hyped after getting linked with the Umesh Pal murder case. It is reported that Guddu was the person who threw the bomb from the bike at Umesh Pal. The videos have also surfaced on Twitter.

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Guddu Muslim Murder History and Charges

Guddu Muslim was born in Allahabad. Guddu was sent to Lucknow because he got associated with the crime world very young. However, in Lucknow, Guddu got involved in bigger crimes.

Furthermore, Guddu was arrested in 1997 for murdering a teacher at Lucknow’s La Martinere School. Later, he was released in want of evidence. 

guddu muslim bomb
The video of the Guddu Muslim bombing is going viral on social media platforms, including Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Involvement in several crimes made Guddu flee Uttar Pradesh as he was already on the wanted list. Guddu escaped to Bihar but was arrested in 2001. It is said that Atiq Ahmad got him out of jail, and they became close. 

Moreover, his name has been making rounds following the death of Atiq Ahmed, as Guddu’s name was the last word said by Atiq before being shot dead. 

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