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Tom Verlaine Illness Before Death: What Happened To Guitarist? Death Cause

The renowned guitarist and the frontman of the rock band Television Tom Verlaine died on Saturday after a short illness. What illness did he have?

Musician Patti Smith’s daughter, Jesse Paris Smith, disclosed the tragic news to the public.

Tom Verlaine was a well-known personality in the American music industry. The guitarist is widely recognized as the frontman of the New York City rock band Television.

Tom Verlaine’s band was one of most significant to come out of the CBGB-centered New York punk rock movement. However, his creative guitar improvisations and songwriting were never simply categorized as punk.

Although the musician had only minor commercial accomplishments, he left a lasting influence on his fellow guitarists.

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Tom Verlaine Illness Before Death: What Happened To Guitarist?

Patti Smith’s daughter, Jesse Paris Smith, announced Tom Verlaine died following a brief illness.

Apart from that, no further details were made public. Thus, the specific cause of Tom Verlaine’s death and illness before death is unknown.

Tom Verlaine Illness
It is unclear what illness Tom Verlaine had before his death. (Image Source: The Guardian)

The musician preferred to keep his personal life away from media scrutiny.

We send our deepest condolences to the late musician’s family and friends. Let’s hope they find the strength to cope during this difficult time.

Moreover, the whole music industry is saddened by the demise of Verlaine. Tributes and condolences have been pouring all over social media.

Mike Scott of The Waterboys was among many expressing tribute to Verlaine. He wrote on Twitter, “Tom Verlaine has crossed over to the beyond that his guitar playing always hinted to.”

Like Hendrix, he was the greatest rock & roll guitarist of all time and could dance from cosmic spheres to garage music. That demands outstanding excellence, Scott added.

Echo & The Bunnymen’s Will Sergeant, who plays guitar, said the late instrumentalist’s playing meant the world to him. He would be pleased if he could play something that sounded like him.

While thanking Verlaine, Sergeant said he found his path as a guitarist.

Tom Verlaine Family Background

Tom Verlaine was born in Denville, New Jersey, in December 1949. He was the son of Victor and Lillian Miller. The musician belonged to a Jewish family.

The late guitarist was passionate about music since he was young. He began learning the piano soon after relocating to Wilmington, Delaware when he was six.

Tom Verlaine Illness
Tom Verlaine comes from a Jewish family. (Image Source: BBC)

Verlaine was inspired to pick up the guitar during his childhood after hearing the Rolling Stones’ “19th Nervous Breakdown,” and he spent a long time experimenting with developing his sound.

His parents enrolled him in boarding school, where he made friends with the troublemaker Richard Meyers.

The two devised a plan to travel to Florida using their combined $50. They mostly traveled there by hitchhiking, much like the rebellious teen Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.

The two made it as far as Alabama before stopping camp in a field for one night. To remain warm, they constructed a Fire.

They started throwing flaming sticks about the field, which naturally caused it to catch Fire. They were subsequently arrested.

Tom Verlaine Dated Patti Smith

As reported by The Guardian, the late guitarist Tom Verlaine and Patti Smith had dated when they were part of the emerging New York punk scene.

In addition, the former couple also collaborated many times over the years.

In addition to being a visual artist, poet, and singer-songwriter, Patti is one of the most essential individuals in the punk rock movement.

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