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Gully Bop Wife: Who Are Deborrah Nicholson And A’mar? Relationship With Girlfriend Shauna Chin

Gully Bop Wife: Get insights on the 59-year-old entertainer’s love and married life from this article. Who was he married to, and what was his current relationship status?

The dancehall community is mourning the death of Gully Bop, who passed away in a hospital in Kingston from illness.

The artist, whose real name was Robert Lee Malcolm, died on Monday, October 31, 2023, after being hospitalized at the Kingston Public Hospital. He was 59 years old.

Gully Bop rose to fame in 2014 when he became a viral sensation for his rhymes and lyrical skills.

He was living on the streets and addicted to drugs at the time, but his story of going from rags to riches inspired many people and gave him a second chance at life.

He also became known for his controversial relationships with different women, whom he often referred to as his wives. Here is a look at some women who were involved with Gully Bop.

Gully Bop Wife: Who Are Deborrah Nicholson And A’mar?

Gully Bop’s first wife was Deborrah Nicholson, a Canadian woman who he met online in 2015. She flew to Jamaica to meet him, and they got married shortly after.

However, their marriage was short-lived, as they separated in 2016 amid allegations of abuse and infidelity.

Nicholson claimed that Gully Bop was violent and unfaithful to her and that he had impregnated another woman named A’mar.

Gully Bop wife
Gully Bop with the controversial woman, Amari, who claimed to be the star’s wife. (Image Source: YouTube)

She also accused him of stealing money from her and using drugs. She filed for divorce and returned to Canada.

A’mar, whose real name is Amari Brown, was another woman who claimed to be Gully Bop’s wife. She said that she met him in 2016, and they married in a private ceremony.

She also said that she was pregnant with his child but later revealed that it was a lie.

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A’mar was a controversial figure who often posted videos of herself and Gully Bop on social media, showing their intimate moments and their arguments.

She also claimed that she was a singer and a model, but many people doubted her credibility. She and Gully Bop parted ways in 2017 after a series of disputes.

Gully Bop Relationship With His Girlfriend Shauna Chin

In the tumultuous life of Gully Bop, one figure stood out prominently: Shauna Chin, now known as Shauna Controlla.

She played a pivotal role in shaping his career, discovering him through a viral video and reaching out to him.

Chin not only became his manager but also his girlfriend, leading to a musical collaboration that produced hits like “Everybody Want a Wuk Offa Mi.”

However, their relationship was marred by constant drama and scandals.

Gully Bop Girlfriend
Gully Bop was arrested after Shauna Chin reported him to the police for trying to kill her. (Image Source: The Jamaican Blogs)

Breakups and reconciliations were overshadowed by accusations of cheating, lying, and abuse, culminating in a physical altercation in 2015 that left Chin injured and led to Gully Bop’s arrest.

Despite the turbulence, they clung to a connection, finally parting ways in 2016, although their communication persisted in the following years.

Following Gully Bop’s demise, Chin shared her condolences on social media, painting a picture of their complicated bond.

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She described him as her first love and expressed her enduring memories of their time together, encapsulating a relationship that, despite its challenges, left an indelible mark on both their lives and the music industry.


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