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Halina Tran Missing Update 2024: Is She Found yet?

The Chino Hills Police Department has issued a public call for assistance to help locate 15-year-old Halina Tran, a local teenager who has been reported missing.

Halina was last spotted yesterday morning, February 22nd, around 8 a.m. in the vicinity of Ruben S. Ayala High School in Chino Hills.

Specifically, she was seen walking southbound on Eucalyptus Avenue after leaving the high school grounds.

When Halina did not return home last night and could not be reached on her cell phone, her family grew worried and filed a missing persons report with the police department.

Authorities are now asking the Chino Hills community to be on alert for Halina.

Residents are requested to contact the police immediately at xxx-xxx-xxxx if they happen to see her or have any information regarding her whereabouts.

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Halina Tran Missing Update 2024

In the latest updates on the investigation into the disappearance of 15-year-old Halina Tran, Chino Hills deputies have acquired crucial video surveillance footage that shows Halina being spotted again on the morning she vanished.

The security camera video shows Halina walking on February 22nd at around 8:10 AM, a few minutes after she was last seen leaving Ruben S. Ayala High School.

In the footage, she can be seen wearing a white sweater and light blue jeans while carrying a shoulder bag and a noticeable cow-print roller backpack.

This video evidence gives investigators a clearer understanding of what Halina was wearing that morning and the bags she had with her.

Halina Tran missing
Halina Tran is a 15 years old teenager who is not found yet (Source: IITM TECH TALK)

The sighting of her rolling cow-print backpack may be a distinguishable detail for anyone who might have recently encountered her.

As the search continues, the Tran family remains distraught and deeply concerned over the safety of their beloved daughter, sister, and friend.

Their hope is that this additional surveillance footage will aid the efforts to bring Halina home safely.

They long for her safe return and are pleading with the public to contact the police if they know anything that can help locate her whereabouts.

Halina Tran Missing: Is She Found yet?

Halina Tran is described as an Asian female, approximately 5’5″ and 120 lbs, with long black hair and brown eyes.

She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a grey hoodie, and black Vans sneakers while carrying a black backpack.

Halina is considered a runaway juvenile case at this stage. The police are concerned for her wellbeing and want to locate her as soon as possible to ensure she is safe.

Authorities believe she is still in the local Chino Hills area. At this stage, Halina has been missing for over 24 hours.

Halina Tran missing
Halina Tran’s whereabouts are yet to be known (Source: Wikipedia)

While no updates have been provided, we want to emphasise that the Chino Hills police are continuing to dedicate significant resources and detectives to solving this missing juvenile case.

They remain concerned for Halina Tran’s safety. Locating her whereabouts and ensuring she is safe and unharmed continues to be their top priority.

The police department stresses that this is still an ongoing investigation into an at-risk missing persons case.

They urge anyone in the general public who may have seen Halina or have actionable tips that could help locate her whereabouts to immediately contact them.

As soon as additional updates are available in the efforts to locate Halina Tran, the police department will notify the public and media.

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