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Halle Bailey Before And After Pregnancy: Weight Loss Or Gain?

Halle Bailey may have tried to keep it a secret, but many of her fans already knew about her pregnancy before her announcement, as her body looked different after the pregnancy.

Halle Bailey is a famous Hollywood singer and actress who was born on March 27, 2000.

Her journey in the entertainment industry began as a singer. Halle and her sister, Chloe Bailey, were famous as a singing duo.

Together, they had five Grammy Award nominations for their album The Kids Are Alright (2018) and Ungodly Hour (2020).

She also had another Grammy nomination for her solo song Angel in the Best R&B Song category.

As an actress, she has appeared in the television sitcom Grown-ish, the musical film The Little Mermaid, and The Color Purple.

Currently, Halle Bailey is in the headlines for recently giving birth to her son, and netizens are pointing out how different she looks before and after pregnancy.

Halle Bailey Pregnancy Speculations Confirmed: Fans Spot Transformations Before And After

Halle Bailey is one of those celebrities who likes to keep her personal life away from the media’s eyes.

Due to that reason, Halle did not want to tell her fans about her pregnancy either.

Halle Bailey Before
Before her pregnancy, Halle used to wear all kinds of clothes, keeping them relevant to the trends. (Source: Twitter)

However, many were already very sure that her pregnancy rumors were true, as her tummy looked very different.

She has always been a very skinny person, and she looked comparatively a little healthier.

However, her weight was not the only thing different about her in the past months.

She was also wearing different kinds of clothes than her regular ones.

Halle Bailey posing on a beautiful red gown.
Her big red gown at the premiere of her movie was another confirmation of the pregnancy rumors. (Source: Twitter)

Halle’s style often catches people’s eyes whenever she steps out on various events and red carpets.

But her looks and style after her pregnancy speculations had changed to clothes with very loose-fitting designs.

The change in the style of her outfits before and after her pregnancy was a huge indicator for Halle Bailey fans.

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Halle Bailey’s Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

The fans of Halle Bailey also pointed out how her paparazzi pictures before and after her pregnancy speculations also look so different.

Moreover, she looks very laid back in her recent paparazzi pictures, whereas in her older ones, she looks slim and more usual.

After watching her recent photos, her fans have already speculated about her pregnancy; however, they were waiting for her announcement.

But Halle surprised them by directly posting pictures of her and her newborn through her Instagram.

Halle Bailey and DDG taking selfie.
Halle Bailey and DDG fans did not believe they would have a baby together. (Source: Twitter)

Now, some netizens are sharing memes on social media about how she may have thought that no one knew about her pregnancy.

In reality, it was something that everyone already had a clue about. There are speculations that she may have tried to hide her pregnancy to stay away from online criticism.

Her relationship with her baby daddy, DDG, hasn’t been ideal. The couple is often scrutinized for their relationship as many of Halle’s fans write that he is not a good match for her.

Additionally, Halle is at the peak of her career and still very young, which makes the fans believe that having a baby may not have been the proper timing.

However, she appears happy and comfortable with her newborn and partner, DDG.

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