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Happy Valley: Who Are Rhys Connah Parents? Mother Jennie Hoolahan and Father

After the popularity of the television program Happy Valley, fans are curious to learn more about Rhys Connah’s parents. Jennie Hoolahan, the mother of Rhys Connah, was his sole provider for raising him.

Rhys Connah is a star among the bright young minds. He is a natural Actor who can confidently portray any difficult child character.

He is arguably one of the most well-behaved young performers in the business.

Rhys Connah is famous for playing Ryan Cawood in the well-liked BBC series Happy Valley.

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Happy Valley: Who Is Rhys Connah?

Rhys Connah is a handsome young actor from the United Kingdom. In the television series “Happy Valley” (2014–2023), Rhys made his acting debut as a young child.

He was born in Britain. The data indicates that he is roughly 16 years old. It is impossible to pinpoint the exact date because he has not provided any information regarding his date of birth.

Regarding height, Rhys is a good 4 feet 11 inches tall.

Rhys Connah Parents
Rhys Connah’s first look in Happy Valley Season 3 (source: Yorkshirelive)

Connah seems quite intelligent and incredibly stylish. In addition, he enjoys reading books and trying out new activities.

He is much more ideal due to his gorgeous appearance and healthy body.

With roles in Happy Valley as Ryan Cawood, The Messenger as Young Jack, To Walk Invisible as Thomas, The White Princess as Teddy, and The Runaways as Ben, Rhys Connah has appeared in several films and television programs.

Connah is now single in terms of his personal life. His primary focus is his career rather than a girlfriend or relationship status.

Who Are Rhys Connah Parents?

Among Rhys Connah Parents, Jennie Hoolahan, Connah’s mother, his only caregiver, raised him.

In his private life, Rhys Connah goes by the last name of his single mother, who reared him, rather than his father, who isn’t there.

Among Rhys Connah Parents, Rhys is most devoted to his mother, and she appears to be supportive of all of his endeavors in life.

His grandmother’s maiden name is Connah, which he also uses as a middle name.

The actor has a younger brother who seems pretty close and frequently posts pictures of the two of them on Instagram.

Connah and the three of them share a three-bedroom terrace house in Oldham.

Rhys Connah Parents
Rhys Connah with his mother Jennie and his brother (source: instagram)

Rhys Connah Parents’ details are not exposed in any media forms. Mainly, he hasn’t provided any information about his father, whose specifics are unclear.

Let’s Get To Know More About Rhys Connah:

James Norton has supported Rhys throughout those years because he started shooting the program at a young age. It’s beautiful that their father-son dynamic from the show has translated into a lovely real-life bond.

That is the most endearing link they have. Seeing James’s rise to fame and success has incredibly motivated Rhys.

Nevertheless, Connah, now 16, has been praised for his tutor, saying: ‘He gives so much to the role, like the enthusiasm. When you meet him on the set between takes, he seems like such a sweet guy, but as soon as we start filming, he changes into this maniac.’

Rhys Connah Parents
Rhys Connah with James Norton showing a photo frame containing three pictures of them together (source: Instagram)

Also, they have shared endearing images of their on-set and off-set relationships on social media. 

Connah enjoys reading comic books and going on adventures and has blogged about all of these things on his Instagram account.

Rhys Connah Net Worth:

Rhys Connah works professionally as an Actor. Although his actual earnings are unknown, his estimated net worth is around $1 million. 

While he was just 12 years old and still in elementary school, he started his @rhysconnah Instagram account in 2016. 

His Instagram following now stands at 32.6k, and he posts regularly about his work. He seems reserved, barely posting about his personal life on social media.

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