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Harpal Randhawa Wife Shon Randhawa: The Family Of Billionaire

Harpal Randhawa, the billionaire, lost his life in a plane crash along with his son Amer. Find out who is the wife of the late Harpal Randhawa and the daughter whom they left behind in the family.

A very tragic event took place recently where a very famous Indian billionaire.

Harpal Randhawa lost his life in a plane crash near a diamond mine in Zimbabwe.

It is even more sad to learn that on the unfaithful day, his son also passed away with him.

He had a small family: his parents, his son Amer, and his wife, Shon Randhawa.

Harpal was very committed to his family and always did everything for their well-being.

Harpal Randhawa Wife Shon Randhawa: Beyond the Shadows of Success

After the passing of Harpal Randhawa and his son Amer,  his wife Shon Randhawa has been left alone in the family with their daughter.

There is a saying that behind every successful man, there is a powerful woman. Shon was the woman in Harpal’s life.

Harpal Randhawa family
Harpal and Amer will be forever in the memories of their families, especially Shon. (Source: Instagram)

Sometimes, it’s easier for the spouse’s name and career to be foreshadowed because of their partner’s insane success.

But Shon is not just a name known for being the wife of billionaire Harpal Randhawa.

She is a very strong career woman herself and a very prominent name in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship.

She is not only a co-founder but also the CEO of a fashion line named Talitha Collection, which is based in the United Kingdom.

Talitha Collection is famous for its luxurious collection. Many celebrities and high-society people adore this brand.

However, Talitha Collection is only one of her many successful ventures.

She also currently serves as an executive director and a co-founder at PATINE.

Harpal Randhawa wife
Harpal and Shon were the perfect couple. (Source: Instagram)

PATINE is a women’s ready-to-wear label based in their home country, India, in the city of Delhi.

Many fashion enthusiasts desperately wait for her collections to launch every season so that they can get their hands on them before anyone else.

She actually graduated from the London College of Fashion in the UK as a fashion designer.

She also has diplomas in pattern cutting and draping from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India.

The journey of her incredible educational portfolio began with a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Delhi University.

Shon has definitely been able to make her presence known in the fashion world.

Shon Randhawa’s Strength Amidst Loss

During this hard time, when Shon not only lost her husband but also her son.

She is an amazing example of strength and resilience.

Shon now carries the legacy of her husband and her son through the empire they created.

Harpal Randhawa son
It is very gut-wrenching to think about what a mother and a wife might be going through after this unfortunate event. (Source: Instagram)

It’s extremely hard to imagine what a mother could have been going through during such a difficult time.

But Shon is handling the situation better than a lot of people.

Her other family members are there with Shon at the current moment to be by her side and offer her immense support.

Just 15 weeks ago, Shon wished Harpal a Happy Father’s Day by posting a photo of Harpal with their son Amer.

Shon wrote that Harpal is an amazing father and husband, and they feel extremely happy and lucky to have him in their lives.

She also added that they have immense respect for whatever he has done and sacrificed for the family.

Harpal Randhawa and his wife Shon also have a daughter named Piya.

During this difficult time, Piya is with her mother, supporting her.

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