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Harpal Randhawa Wikipedia: The Story Of Plane Crash Victim With Son

The crash on September 29 tragically took the lives of all six people on board, including Harpal Randhawa and his son. This has led to a significant increase in online searches for the Wikipedia page of Harpal Randhawa.

Harpal Randhawa is an Indian billionaire who owns a Zimbabwean company called RioZim. His company deals with gold, coal, and refining nickel and copper.

He was born in 1963 in India. However, no one knows the exact place and date of his birth. Sadly, he passed away on September 29, 2023, at 60.

Tragically, Harpal Randhawa and his 22-year-old son Amer were among six individuals who lost their lives in a plane crash in Zimbabwe.

This unfortunate event has led many people to search for information about him online. Likewise, many have searched for the Wikipedia page of Harpal Randhawa.

Who Is Harpal Randhawa? Family And Professional Detail

Harpal Randhawa, a 60-year-old billionaire, founded a private equity firm, GEM Holdings. The company was worth $4 billion.

Moreover, he had significant business interests in gold, diamonds, and coal mining in Zimbabwe. That is why he was a well-known figure in the country.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Randhawa served as the chairman of the GEM group for 30 years, starting in July 1993.

Additionally, he worked as a partner at Sabre Capital Worldwide for 12 years. Likewise, he was a senior adviser at the real estate firm Safanad for three years.

People searched for Harpal Randhawa Wikipedia page, his Linkedin profile him in suit
Harpal Randhawa was a Zimbabwe-based Indian billionaire businessman (Source: LinkedIn)

Randhawa received his education from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the University of London.

Further, reports suggested that he was planning his next business venture.

Talking about Harpal’s personal life, he was a married man with a 22-year-old son.

Moreover, his wife’s name is Shon Randhawa.

Furthermore, Harpal’s son, Amer Kabir Singh Randhawa, was a trained pilot. Through his Instagram page, he seems to be very athletic.

Photo of family of three
Shon loved her family of three (Source: Instagram)

Sadly, he also perished in the same tragic accident as his father.

Amer also lost his life in a plane crash near a diamond mine in southwestern Zimbabwe.

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The Story Of Harpal Randhawa And His Son: Zimbabwe Plane Crash

On September 30, a tragic plane crash occurred in Zimbabwe. It resulted in the loss of six lives, including two Indian nationals.

The police have not officially disclosed the identities of the victims.

However, two victims have been identified as Harpal and Amer Randhawa.

It was revealed by a well-known Zimbabwean journalist-filmmaker named Hopewell Chin’ono.

Mining tycoon Harpal Randhawa and his son Amer were passengers on a privately owned Cessna 206 aircraft that belonged to RioZim.

Harpal and his son smiling
Along with Harpal and Amer, four other people lost their lives (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the plane was en route from Harare to the Murowa diamond mine.

Unfortunately, it crashed shortly after taking off from Charles Prince Airport in Harare.

This tragic incident happened due to a technical fault with the plane, which may have led to a mid-air explosion.

Ultimately, the aircraft crashed into Peter Farm in the Zvamahande region of Zimbabwe.

Moreover, the crash occurred close to the Murowa Diamonds mine, a facility that RioZim partially owns. Regrettably, all passengers and crew lost their lives in the accident.

A memorial service for the victims is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

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