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Harry Jowsey Wikipedia: Meet Dancer Mom, Sister, And Family

Many people are looking up the Wikipedia page of Harry Jowsey now that he’s famous worldwide. They want to know more about his background and details about him.

Harry Jowsey is an Australian reality star, model, entrepreneur, Instagram star, and social media influencer.

Furthermore, he became famous by being on Heartbreak Island, a dating show from New Zealand. But what made him known worldwide was being on a Netflix show called Too Hot to Handle in 2020.

Besides being on TV, Harry also models and works with different brands, doing ads and photo shoots.

All of this has helped him become famous and get a lot of followers on social media.

Because of this, many people are searching for the Wikipedia page of Harry Jowsey to learn more about his personal and professional life.

Harry Jowsey Wikipedia: Early Life And Background Detail

The curiosity for the Wikipedia page of Harry Jowsey has experienced a notable increase, yet no dedicated page exists for him to date.

Harry Jowsey was born on May 24, 1997, in Yeppoon, Australia, making him 26 years old as of 2023.

His journey to fame started in his hometown, where he grew up in a Christian family. Even as a kid, he was really into becoming famous.

Harry sitting in ground leaning in french
Harry used to spend summertime at his family’s home in Golden Bay. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Harry is Australian and comes from a white background. His parents are Australian, but he hasn’t publicly shared their names.

However, we know that his dad runs a big business in Australia, and the mom of Harry Jowsey, Melanie, with whom he shares a special bond, takes care of the family at home.

Also, we don’t know if Harry Jowsey has a brother or sister because he hasn’t talked about them.

As for education, he went to a local high school and then to a university, where he got his diploma.

When he was young, he loved playing sports and other activities, which helped him prepare for his future in the spotlight.

Nevertheless, despite his popularity, there’s no Wikipedia page about Harry Jowsey yet, so we don’t know many details about his background and family.

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Harry Jowsey Career And Net Worth

After moving to Los Angeles, California, Harry Jowsey continued his career as a model.

His dream of becoming famous led him to start his online career when he was young.

Apart from modeling for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, Harry is also an entrepreneur.

He owns two brands: Naughty Possums clothing and Kensington sunglasses.

In 2018, he became well-known as Heartbreak Harry after winning the first season of Heartbreak Island with Georgia Bryers.

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold in hallowing custom
Since DWTS season 32 premiered in September, fans quickly caught on to Arnold and Jowsey’s chemistry. (Source: Instagram)

Later, in 2020, he gained even more fame by joining Netflix’s show Too Hot to Handle.

Moving on, in 2021, he launched a dating app called Lolly with Disney star Milo Manheim and YouTuber Mike Majlak. He’s also part of a creative marketing agency called Unruly Agency.

He even appeared in a TV series called Inventions That Changed History in 2022.

Moreover, his success is not limited to Instagram, where he has millions of followers, as he has expanded to other social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Harry is currently partnered with Rylee Arnold on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) season 32. They placed TBA.

Additionally, estimates suggest that Harry Jowsey’s net worth is around $6-7 million, thanks to his YouTube, business ventures, modeling, and acting.

Despite all this, many people might not know much about him because, surprisingly, there’s still no Wikipedia page dedicated to Harry Jowsey.

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Harry Jowsey Relationship History

Many people wonder about Harry Jowsey’s relationship status and whether he’s married. Well, the answer is he is not married.

However, recently, he was in a relationship with the actress Francesca Farago.

After appearing on the Netflix show, they confirmed their relationship in April 2020. They seemed happy together and even had matching tattoos on their index fingers.

Harry and Francesca had a romantic connection that started on-screen and became a real relationship.

Unfortunately, they faced some challenges and eventually decided to go their separate ways.

Harry and Francesca hugging
In April 2020, they said they were dating after the show came out on Netflix. (Source: Twitter)

Before Francesca, Harry was in a relationship with another contestant of Heartbreak Island, Georgia Bryers. However, they broke up within six months after the reality show ended.

Recently, there have been rumors about Harry having a romantic connection with his Dancing With the Stars partner, Rylee Arnold.

Even though they have no official confirmation, people like how well they get along and would happily see them as a couple because they look good together.

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