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Has Marijana Veljovic Got Botox? Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

Marijana Veljovic is a super gorgeous chair umpire. People wonders if she got botox to maintain her youthful glow. Let’s discover the truthfulness of the rumor.

Marijana Veljovic is a well-known personality in the tennis world. The Serbian tennis umpire has officiated games for over five years.

Marijana officiated the 2018 Australia Open women’s singles final and the 2019 Wimbledon Championship. She oversaw several Grand Slam matches.

The super pretty umpire also officiated the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Women’s Singles Final Match and the 2022 Australian Open women’s singles final.

Besides her impressive career, her beauty has also grabbed significant public attention. Fans went wild on social media for the gold badge umpire. So, has the tennis umpire got botox or plastic surgery?

Marijana Veljovic Botox Or Plastic Surgery –  Before And After Photo

After witnessing the youthful glow of the Serbian umpire Marijana Veljovic, people are now asking if she got botox or plastic surgery.

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Fans noticed some changes on her lip and cheek. While others speculated she might have gotten some dermal fillers.

Marijana Veljovic Botox
Marijana Veljovic has not made any comment about the fan speculations. (Image Source: Reddit)

But, there has been no official report about the matter. In addition, the tennis umpire also has not made any comment. Thus, it is unclear if she underwent a knife or got botox.

However, we must note that plastic surgery or botox might not be the only answer to a person’s beauty. Some people are gifted with natural beauty.

In addition, regular skincare and a proper diet can also help to achieve noticeable outcomes. Let’s hope the beautiful umpire will address the curiosity surrounding her personal life.

Marijana Veljovic Stole The Spotlight

Following Roger Federer’s match with Tennys Sandgren at the Australian Open in 2020, Veljovic initially caught the audience’s attention.

Roger survived 7 match points to defeat Tennys, but the stunning Marijana completely stole the spotlight. The gold-badge umpire boldly faced off with the Swiss tennis player after getting penalized for swearing.

Federer overcame an injury at Rod Laver Arena to get to the semifinals and keep his chances of winning the Australian Open for a seventh time intact.

His remarkable return, nevertheless, was overshadowed as fans focused on the stunning Serbian official. Google searches of Australian Open Chair umpire skyrocketed.

In the Australia Open 2023, Marijana again came to the spotlight after her heated exchange with Rafa Nadal. The player argued and accused the chair umpire had started the clock too soon.

The former world no. 1 alleged that he was denied the opportunity to reset between points.

Marijana Veljovic Botox
Marijana Veljovic wishes to inspire more women to get into tennis umpiring. (Image Source: The Sun)

Fans Went Wild For Marijana Veljovic

After Roger vs. Tennys match in Australian Open in 2020, several people took to social media and admitted how beautiful Veljovic is.

Even the star tennis player Eugenie Bouchard was in awe of Marijana’s beauty. The Canadian player wrote the chair umpire in this Roger/Tennys match is gorgeous, along with a love heart eye emoji.

While sharing a beautiful snap, one Twitter user wrote, “I would question each call she made so I could approach her, stand in front of her, stop the game, and ask her to marry me.”

Another said they are up for anything that gives Marijana more television time. They also claimed that she looks like a James Bond movie Actress.

The chair umpire was born on 24 January 1987. She is originally from Kragujevac, Serbia.

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