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Has Reshma Pasupuleti Done Plastic Surgery: Before And After Photo

Reshma Pasupuleti’s Plastic Surgery rumor has been circulating online as the fans have noticed the changes in her face.

Reshma Pasupuleti is a South Indian Actress who has appeared in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films. In the Tamil film, she made her acting debut. “Naan Mahaan Alla” in 2010 and has since acted in several successful films.

One of Pasupuleti’s most notable roles was in the Tamil film “Veeram,” which was released in 2014. In this film, she played the female lead opposite Actor Ajith Kumar. The film was a commercial success, and Pasupuleti’s performance was well-received by critics and audiences alike.

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She has also appeared in several television shows. She made her television debut in the Tamil serial “Vamsam,” which aired on Sun TV. She has also appeared in the Telugu serial “Mutyala Muggu,” which aired on Gemini TV.

Has Reshma Pasupuleti Done Plastic Surgery: Before And After Photo

She is known for her beauty and talent; There has been substantial debate over whether or not she has undergone plastic surgery.

She has undergone a huge transformation. Reshma took to her social media handle and happily shared the photos.

Reshma Pasupuleti
Reshma Pasupulet: Before And After (Source: Behindwoods)

So, has Reshma Pasupuleti undergone plastic surgery? It is difficult to say for certain, as the Actress has not publicly commented on the matter. 

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However, several before and after photos of Pasupuleti have circulated online, and some people have speculated that she may have undergone procedures such as a nose job or breast augmentation.

One of the most noticeable changes in Pasupuleti’s appearance is the size and shape of Pasupuleti’s breasts. 

In older photos, her breasts appear to be smaller and less full, while in more recent photos, her breasts appear to be larger and more voluptuous. This could potentially be the result of breast augmentation surgery.

Who Are Reshma Pasupuleti’s Parents? Career Explored

Reshma Pasupuleti was born in Chennai on July 23, 1977. Her astrological sign is Leo. She is from a Telugu family. Prasad Pasupuleti, her Father, was a well-known Telugu film producer.

Reshma Pasupuleti
Reshma Pasupuleti’s Parents (Source: starsunfolded)

Deepti, a software engineer, and Sushma Bandaru are her two sisters. Bobby Simha, her cousin, is a well-known Actor who works in the Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam film industries.

She attended school in the United States. Her engineering degree in computer science was obtained in West Hartford, Connecticut, at the University of Saint Joseph. She then completed a two-year software testing course at Amitysoft Software Institution in Chennai.

She began her career as a newsreader for the television network “TV5”. She later hosted several successful TV5 programs, including “Brilliant Mind” and “Big Brother.”

She began her career as a newsreader for the television network “TV5”. She went on to lead numerous famous TV5 series, including “Brilliant Mind,” “Big Screens,” “Movie Mantra,” “Hi5”, and many others.

She later became an anchor and performer for Sun TV’s show “Sun Singer.” She debuted as an Actor in the Telugu program “Love Doctor” in 2007. She became an anchor for Gemini TV’s “Celebrity Kitchen” in 2013.

In the, she made her television acting debut. TV series “Vani Rani” (January 2013-December 2018), where she portrayed the antagonist ‘Devika.’

What Is Reshma Pasupuleti’s Net Worth2024?

As for her money sources, let me tell you that she is handsomely compensated for movies, serials, and reality programs. 

As of January 2023, Her net worth is reported to be INR 4-5 crores (approx.). She lives in a lovely House with her parents. She owns an expensive car and frequently posts images on her social media accounts.

Aside from acting, Pasupuleti is also interested in modeling and has participated in several modeling assignments. She is also known for her philanthropic work and has participated in various charitable events and campaigns.

She is a talented Actress who has made a name for herself in the South Indian film industry. She is admired for her beauty, acting skills, and charitable work and has a large and loyal fanbase.


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