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Is Hasan Piker Girlfriend Valkyrae? Relationship & Dating History

A Turkish-American online streamer, Hasan Piker, has a huge fan base, and people want to know about his love life and girlfriend. Who is he? Let’s find out!

Hasan Piker is often called by his online nickname HasanAbi.

By profession, he is a Turkish-American online streamer and left-wing political commentator.

Moreover, the media mostly asks him about the status of his relationship.

Therefore, the rumor about Valkyrie being the girlfriend of Hasan Piker is spreading widely.

However, both of them have not claimed their love affairs.

Furthermore, Hasan Piker had few relationships in the past, but he has never spoken about any of his girlfriends.

Who is Hasan Piker? Early Life And Education

The famous streamer Hasan Piker was born on July 25, 1991, as Hasan Dogan Piker.

Moreover, he hails from New Brunswick, New Jersey, and his Turkish parents raised him in Istanbul.

Furthermore, his father, Mehmet Behçet Piker, is a political scientist and economist.

According to Piker, other students bullied him during his time in a public school in Turkey.

Regarding his qualifications, the streamer went to the United States and attended the University of Miami.

Then, he graduated cum laude with a double major in political science and communication studies in 2013 from Rutgers University.

After graduating, the network’s ad sales and business department hired him.

Later, the famous streamer became a host and producer there.

Hasan Piker posing with his dog.
Hasan Piker earned over 2.5 million followers on his Twitch for his live political commentary streams. (Source: Instagram)

Then, Piker created and hosted a TYT Network video series, The Breakdown, in 2016.

Furthermore, he started streaming on Twitch in March 2018 while working at TYT.

Later, he became a popular left-wing political commentator.

Therefore, Fox News’s The Issue Is, and the political podcast Chapo Trap House invited him to appear in their podcast.

Moreover, the famous personality also streams gameplay and commentary of video games on his Twitch channel.

After gaining popularity through streaming and commenting, people are waiting to know about the girlfriend of Hasan Piker.

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Girlfriend Of Hasan Piker: Relationships And Love Affairs

According to various sources, Hasan Piker is currently single and does not have any girlfriends.

Moreover, the rumor about him and Valkyrae dating may not be accurate.

However, they might be having a secret relationship, but we can not be sure until they speak about it publicly.

Recently, many people are linking the name of Hasan Piker with Valkyrae as his girlfriend.

After Valkyrae is rumored to be the girlfriend of Hasan Piker, many people start questioning both of them about it.

Furthermore, the streamer wants to keep his personal life private.

Therefore, he has not shared any details about his past relationships till now.

Hasan Piker looking amazing in black.
Hasan Piker is one of the most-viewed and most-subscribed-to streamers on Twitch. (Source: Instagram)

As of now, we can say that Hasan Piker currently doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Talking about his fame, he is best recognized for his Hasanabi Twitch channel and The Young Turks’ YouTube channel series Pop-Crunch.

Therefore, the famous personality became one of the top-streamers on Twitch.

Moreover, Piker earned over 2.5 million followers on his channel for his political commentary live streams.

Furthermore, he, and his uncle, Cenk Uygur, both rose to prominence for their work for The Young Turks programming.

After gaining immense fame and popularity, it is evident that people search for more information about Hasan Piker, his family, and his girlfriend.

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