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Is Hasanabi Hasan Piker Gay? Streamer Gender & Sexuality

As Hasanabi Hasan Piker is a huge supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, it has led to speculation about his sexual orientation, prompting ongoing discussion and curiosity about whether he is gay. So, what’s the reality? Let us find out the truth.

Hasan Dogan Piker or Hasanabi Hasan Piker was born on July 25th, 1991 in Brunswick, New Jersey, United States.

He has gained prominence as a political commentator and Twitch streamer on social media platforms.

Further, Hasan Piker contributed to TMZ’s TooFab and Buzzfeed before becoming a political streamer on Twitch.

Nevertheless, his captivating persona and outspoken beliefs inevitably attract criticism and stir controversy around him.

Due to such controversial terminologies, the streamer currently finds himself embroiled in a significant rumor regarding his sexual orientation.

Hence, this question further led to different speculations considering Hasan Piker as gay.

Is Hasanabi Hasan Piker Gay? Unveiling The Truth

At this very moment, Hasanabi Hasan Piker has become a significant target of gay rumors, as his sexual orientation has been a subject of speculation for some time.

So is Hasanabi Hasan Piker Gay? Let us find out the truth.

As of now, there is no valid evidence that proves Hasan Piker to be gay.

Moreover, Hasanabi Hasan Piker is a more potent ally of feminism and LGBTQ rights, which must be the leading cause of gay rumors circulating all around.

However, supporting a community on social media doesn’t determine one’s sexual orientation; it’s important to remember that.

Furthermore, speculations and rumors must be validated with credible evidence before accepting them as truthful or accurate.

Hasan Piker flexing his shaved beard after a lonf time.
Hasan was born in the U.S. but moved to Turkey, where he grew up. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, his personal life, mainly his relationships, has caused unsound disclosure of his sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, some of his followers may know that the columnist was romantically involved with a woman.

Further, he openly shared his relationship with adult actress Janice Griffith across social media platforms.

Similarly, although they have separated, Piker often featured Janice Griffith in his social media posts and YouTube videos.

There are rumors about him dating Pokimane, a Moroccan influencer, but neither has confirmed nor denied it.

Nonetheless, with many odds, the political commentator has also been involved in several controversies that trigger speculation and rumors.

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Exploring Hasan Piker’s Controversial Views

Since Hasan Piker started in political commentary, it’s natural that his controversial viewpoints occasionally land him in headlines.

The streamer’s political stance is openly progressive, leftist, and aligned with democratic socialism, well-known to many.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge his outspoken criticism of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Over time, he has expressed discontent with issues such as war, white supremacy, and capitalism, among various others.

Moving on, Twitch banned Hasan for a week due to several comments he made during a livestream.

Hasan Piker with his beloved dog showcasing his black merch.
Hasan has more than 1 million followers on both Instagram and YouTube. (Source: Instagram)

The streamer criticized U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw in the video for the nation’s overseas intervention.

Two years later, he faced renewed criticism for his million-dollar residence in West Hollywood, California.

Following the controversial term, Hasan Piker also added about dating streamers, stating;

You can’t date ‘Normans’ when you’re a Twitch streamer because you’re literally opening them up to doxxing and harassment campaigns because people can’t hold themselves.

Hasan encountered more criticism after reports surfaced of his purchase of a sports car and the leaking of his stream earnings.

Similarly, in 2021, Hasan Piker faced another Twitch ban for repeatedly using the term “cracker” during live streams.

Yet, he defended his use of the term, asserting it wasn’t a racial slur like the n-word.

Still, due to his outspoken protests on controversial issues, he faced a one-week suspension from the platform.

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